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Jess Kapp Featured on the Huffington Post Parenting Blog - 4/13/2015

Congratulations to Jess Kapp on her first published feature on the Huffington Post Parenting blog. Jess has been pursuing several opportunities to write, and finally saw the fruit of her efforts when she was recently asked to participate as a frequent HuffPost contributor. We are looking forward to seeing more of her work in the near future!

To read Jess’ article, click here.



Writers Lunch a Great Success - 4/3/2015

Last month’s Writers Lunch, an occasional gathering of adult writers, was a great success! Various local authors enjoyed 90 minutes of each other’s company, good food at Fronimo’s, and a rich exchange of marketing ideas, materials and resources from Robin Peel of Robin Peel Marketing and Public Relations.

If you missed the last Writers Lunch, then feel free to join in at the next Writers Read on June 2. The meeting will be held at at 5 Points Market & Restaurant from 6:30-8:00 . If you are interested in reading a piece at the meeting, feel free to contact Ethel Lee-Miller.

Writer's Lunch

Seated L to R: Penelope Star, Deborah Knox, Connie Brannock, Cynthia Lang
Standing: Frank Babb, Robin Peel, Sandra Farris, Ethel Lee-Miller, Jess Kapp, Brenda Marjaniemi, Chi Newman


KTAR Radio Interview Featuring the late Will Higginbotham’s Book, “Chaos of War, Balance of Life” - 4/3/2015

Mother, Terri Kennedy, had the honor of representing her late son, Will Higginbotham, and his published personal thoughts in an interview with KTAR radio on March 13. All proceeds made from the Arizona soldier’s journal, Chaos of War, Balance of Life: A Soldier’s Journal from Afghanistan, are benefitting Open Hands Outreach of Coolidge, a charity that helps soldiers returning from overseas.

To read more about the interview, check out the website here.

Chaos of War


Randy Barth’s New Book, THINK Together, Recently Featured by Huffington Post - 4/1/2015

Randy Barth’s newest publication, THINK Together: How You Can Play a Role in Improving Education in America, was recently featured in a Huffington Post article detailing the work Barth’s nonprofit, THINK Together, has been doing to improve the current education system. To read more about the book as well as the THINK Together program, check out the article here.

Think Together


Heidi Siefkas Featured in the On Wisconsin Magazine Bookshelf - 3/31/2015

Author and adventurer, Heidi Siefkas, was recently featured by her alma mater, University of Wisconsin-Madison, in their On Wisconsin Magazine. Headlining the spring 2015 bookshelf, Siefkas’ book, When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything, was noted as a must read for those looking for both entertainment and inspiration.

For more information about Heidi and her book, check out her website here.

when all balls drop


Helena Schrader Listed as Finalist for 2014 Chaucer Award for Historical Fiction - 3/31/2015

Helena Schrader recently announced that both of her publications, Knight of Jerusalem and St. Louis’ Knight, are finalists for the 2014 Chaucer Award in the Historical Fiction category. This is not only extremely exciting news, but a wonderful validation of her decades long work toward writing excellence.

This will be the third award for Helena’s book, St. Louis’ Knight, which just recently earned the bronze in both the Historical Fiction and Spiritual/Religious Fiction categories in the Feathered Quill Book Awards.

For more information about Helena and her work, check out her website here.

helena schrader


Gina Murphy-Darling Featured by the Arizona Daily Star - 3/13/2015

On March 8, 2015, the Arizona Daily Star included a two page article featuring Gina Murphy-Darling and her new book, Your Mother Called (Mother Earth) ... You’d Better Call Her Back!. The article highlights “Mrs. Green” and her multifaceted platform that is helping to draw attention to a very important topic. To read the article, visit the Arizona Daily Star website here. For more information about Gina Murphy-Darling, her book, or her podcast, visit her website

Gina Murphy-Darling


Gina Murphy-Darling Interviewed by “The Morning Scramble” in Prescott, AZ - 3/6/2015

Mrs. Green (Gina Murphy-Darling), author of Your Mother Called (Mother Earth)…You’d better call her back!, appeared on AZTV’s Morning Scramble on February 17, 2015. To watch the full segment, visit Mrs. Green’s YouTube Channel here.
Mrs. Green


Duke Southard Celebrates the Release of his Book, “Live Free or Die.” - 3/6/2015

Over eighty-five people attended a wine and cheese event on Sunday, March 1 to celebrate the release of Duke Southard’s fourth Wheatmark book, Live Free or Die. The event took place at the Arizona Family Restaurant in Green Valley, Arizona. In addition to his newest release, Duke has the authored four other books, which were all made available at the party. Live Free or Die is currently available for purchase.
Duke Southard Book Launch


Second “Writers Read” Event at BREWD, a Huge Success - 3/3/2015

The second Writers Read event at BREWD on Feb. 12, was another standing room only and great reading event! The event featured authors Ethel Lee-Miller, Deborah Knox, Penelope Starr, Bill Black, Cynthia Lang, Karen Call, Jess Kapp, and Christine Gross, who provided a variety of entertainment and hilarious readings. If you missed this event, the next Writers Read is scheduled for Monday, March 9, from 12:00-1:30 PM at Fronimo’s located on 3242 E Speedway. To RSVP, please contact Ethel Lee-Miller by email.
This month, the meeting will kick off with a brief presentation by Robin Peel, who will discuss marketing and public relations for writers. All adult writers are welcome.
Writers Read Event


Renate A. Schulz Featured by Arizona Public Radio 89.1 FM - 3/3/2015

Renate A. Schulz, Ph.D., was recently interviewed as a part of the Arizona Spotlight Series featured by the Tucson NPR affiliate, 89.1 FM. Schulz, author of Life in Alien Territory: Memories of Peace Corps Service in Mali, shares about the life changing experiences she had a result of her time serving overseas. To check out the article and listen to the full interview, visit the website here
Life in Alien Territory


Jacquelyn Stiles Kirkis Featured in the Stiles Family Reunion Biannual Newsletter - 2/23/2015

Jacquelyn Stiles Kirkis, author of Sammy Goes to Beirut and The Man who put the Lights along Route 66: Memories of James Harland Stiles, will be published in the The Stiles Family Reunion, the oldest family reunion in the United States that publishes a biannual newsletter for over 100,000 members. The April, 2015 newsletter, will cite notes concerning a New Mexico member, whose contribution to the art of sign work in advertising is highlighted in Dr. Kirkis’ book, The Man who put the Lights along Route 66: Memories of James Harland Stiles.
Lights on Route 66


E. Reid Gilbert introduces his latest book - 2/16/2015

E. Reid Gilbert introduced his latest book, The Twelve Houses of my Childhood, at the Splendido Rancho Vistoso on February 9. The presentation titled, To Tell a Tale or Two, also included readings from his previous books and tales yet to be published. The houses, ranging from a tobacco pack house to an old plantation house in eastern Virginia, provided settings for various experiences and dreams, including his fantasy of being kidnapped by the gypsies and being “carried way off yonder.” The forty attendees enthusiastically related to the stories of the depression years in the thirties and the war years in the forties.
E. Reid Gilbert


Tom Dittmar Included in Sacramento Bee Title Highlights - 2/10/2015

Be Your Own Salmon: An Allegory with 25 Lessons for Swimming Upstream in the Wild River of Life, was recently included among several other top western titles meant to inspire and uplift. The book was hailed for its inspiration guiding words. To read more about Tom’s work and other titles, click here
Be Your Own Salmon


David Jacobs Featured by the Jack Central Book Review - 2/10/2015

David Jacobs’ first publication, Just Watch Me, was recently featured by the Northern Arizona University Jack Central publication. The book received a raving review for its unique take on the superhero trend and intriguing storyline. To read more about Just Watch Me, check out the review here.
Just Watch Me


Helena Schrader Awarded Two Prizes in 2015 Feathered Quill Book Awards - 2/5/2015

Helena Schrader’s novel, St. Louis’ Knight, was recently awarded two literary prizes in the Feathered Quill Book Awards for 2015. Placing third in both the Historical Fiction and Religious/Spiritual categories this year, Helena is starting her literary year out strong! For more information about Helena, visit her website here.


Heidi Siefkas Interviewed by CBS 4’s “Focus on South Florida.” - 1/27/2015

Heidi Siefkas, author of When All Balls Drop: The Upside of Losing Everything, landed a TV spot after a month of promoting, book signings, and events from Miami and Wisconsin to Italy and Boston. She was interviewed by Eliott Rodriguez on CBS 4’s “Focus on South Florida.” She was also recently featured on the radio by Empower Radio’s Teri Williams and WBZ 1030′s Jordan Rich in Boston, Massachusetts.
When All Balls Drop


Shafiq R. Fulcher Abdussabur Publishes Article in Huffington Post - 1/27/2015

Shafiq R. Fulcher Abdussabur, author of A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America, published an article in the Huffington Post called “Diffusing Racial Dynamite,” just ahead of the recent Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury ruling.
Black Man's Guide to Law Enforcement


Will Edwinson Featured on “On the Bookshelf.” - 1/27/2015

Will Edwinson, author of Buddy… His Trials and Treasures and the newly published LouIsa: Iron Dove of the Frontier, was on Andy Greeley’s radio show, “On the Bookshelf,” on November 29, on KVOI AM 1030 Tucson, AZ. Earlier guests have included fellow Wheatmark author Fernando Prol, author of Sugar and Dirt: Memoirs of a Tortoise, Duke Southard, author of three books including Agent for Justice, as well as Wheatmark’s Grael Norton, Mindy Burnett, Sam Henrie, and Atilla Vékony.

Will Edwinson on radio


Stan Crader Donates Proceeds to Resurrecting Lives - 1/27/2015

Stan Crader, author of The Colby Series comprising The Bridge, Paperboy, and The Longest Year, has taken out full-page ads in several publications, including WORLD magazine. All of his books’ proceeds benefit Resurrecting Lives, an organization supporting the treatment and education of traumatic brain injury.

Stan Crader


Riding Behind the Padre Chosen for 2014 Southwest Book of the Year - 1/23/2015

Richard Collins’ memoir, Riding Behind the Padre: Horseback Views From Both Sides of the Border, was chosen by the Pima County Public Library as a top Southwest Book of the Year for 2014. In addition, the Arizona Daily Star chose it as one of ten outstanding Southwest books of 2014. Riding Behind the Padre is Collins’ story about joining a group of Mexican riders retracing the pathways of Father Kino, the Jesuit priest who explored the borderlands 300 years ago. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.
Riding Behind the Padre


Hugh Morris Featured by Arizona Daily Star - 1/23/2015

The Arizona Daily Star featured Hugh Morris and his book, The Cass Street Kid: A Journal, Remembered, among the standout authors of 2014. The Cass Street Kid: A Journal, Remembered is available for purchase on Amazon.
Top Authors of 2014


Bill Corbett Featured In Caribou County Sun - 1/22/2015

Bill Corbett’s new novel, LouIsa, hit the pages of the Caribou County Sun on December 11, 2014 in Bill’s former hometown, Soda Springs, Idaho. The article features Bill’s third fiction piece that is based loosely on the life of LouIsa Houston-Earp. LouIsa is now available for purchase on Amazon
LouIsa Article Part 1LouIsa article part 2.


Clark Norton Among Top Baby Boomer Travel Bloggers for 2015 - 1/22/2015

Clark Norton, an accomplished freelance writer and journalist, was recently listed as one of the top five baby boomer travel blogs for 2015 by Discover Corp. Clark’s diverse body of work and travel expertise will entertain, educate and inspire you for the year to come. For more information, visit Clark’s website Clark Norton


Agent for Justice Reviewed in Green Valley News - 8/13/2014

Duke Southard‘s new novel, Agent for Justice, was recently reviewed in the Green Valley News. “Life isn’t fair. This book, now available in paperback and ebook, demonstrates that lesson from its riveting first chapter to its shocking surprise ending.”

Agent for Justice


Peggy M. McAloon and Anneka Rogers in the Dunn County News - 8/3/2014

The Dunn County News has published a feature article about the young-adult novel Elle Burton and the Reflective Portals by Peggy M. McAloon and Anneka Rogers.

Peggy McAloon


Lisa Farringer Parker at the 2014 International Rubery Book Award - 8/2/2014

Lisa Farringer Parker, author of Angels in the Darkness: A Family’s Triumph over Hitler and World War II Berlin, 1935-1949, made it to the Nonfiction category shortlist for the 2014 International Rubery Book Award.

Angels in the Darkness by Lisa Farringer Parker


Richard Collins Featured Speaker - 8/1/2014

Richard Collins, author of Riding Behind the Padre: Horseback Views from Both Sides of the Border, spoke at the National Day of the Cowboy, held at Borderlands Brewing Co. in Tucson, on July 26.

Richard Collins


Roberta Grimes on TV - 7/31/2014

Roberta Grimes, author of The Fun of Dying, recently co-chaired a conference on afterlife in Scottsdale, AZ, and was interviewed on local TV.

Roberta Grimes


Duke Southard Interviewed on Radio - 7/5/2014

Authors Academy member and Wheatmark author Duke Southard (, author of A Favor Returned, Agent for Justice, and The Week from Heaven and Hell, was a guest on the On the Bookshelf radio show with Andrew Greeley on Tucson’s KVOI 1030 AM.

Duke Southard, A Favor Returned


Peter Waller Interviewed on Radio - 6/20/2014

Peter Waller, author of Genesis Revealed: A Scientific Examination of the Creation Story, was the guest of host Andrew Greeley for a full hour on the On the Bookshelf radio show on Tucson’s KVOI 1030 AM.

Peter Waller


Jerry Bailey Receives University of Houston Lifetime Achievement Award - 6/19/2014

Dr. Jerry Bailey, author of The World Is Our Course and The Fall of the American Empire, has been recognized by the University of Houston as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the engineering alumni association. A 1963 graduate in chemical engineering, Dr. Bailey is a former Exxon President of the Arabian Gulf region. Currently he serves as Chairman of BCM Energy and CEO of MCW Energy. His experiences in Libya form the basis for the novel Sweet Crude by V.C. Thomas, another Wheatmark title, for which he was the technical advisor.

Jerry Bailey


Robert Bevenour in the Cedar Rapids Gazette - 6/19/2014

The Cedar Rapids Gazette published an author profile of Robert Joseph Bevenour, whose book, Road to Yasukuni, was published earlier this month.

Robert Bevenour

Robert Bevenour


World Forum Foundation Selects Janet Bauer’s Book - 6/18/2014

Janet Bauer’s book, What’s Great About You! For All Children In The World, was selected as a resource for the World Forum Foundation’s online library. The mission of the organization—a member of the Clinton Global Initiative—is to promote an on-going global exchange of ideas on the delivery of quality services for young children in diverse settings. Every two years, six-to-eight hundred early childhood professionals from more than eighty countries gather to share ideas on a wide range of issues impacting the delivery of quality services for children and families.

Janet Bauer


Charlie Cornacchio’s Book Launch - 6/17/2014

Watch this video from the book launch for How I Met My Mother … and the Four Brothers I Never Knew I Had  by Charlie Cornacchio.

Charlie Cornacchio



My Thomas Reviewed by Night Owl Reviews - 6/3/2014

The historical romance My Thomas, written by Roberta Grimes, received a positive review by Night Owl Reviews. “This is a definite must-read for anyone who is a fan of historical fiction or wants to learn more about the man behind the Constitution and many of the freedoms we now take for granted.”

My Thomas by Roberta Grimes


Charlie Cornacchio in the Daily Freeman - 5/19/2014

Charlie Cornacchio was featured in the Life section of the Daily Freeman in Kingston, NY, as part of a Mother’s Day feature focusing on his recently released book, How I Met My Mother … and the Four Brothers I Never Knew I Had. He also appeared on radio Mix 97 FM, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Charlie Cornacchio

Charlie Cornacchio


Merilee A. Kern’s Book a National Examiner Giveaway - 3/21/2014

Merilee A. Kern’s book, Making Healthy Choices: A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids, was featured in the March 24, 2014 edition of the National Examiner as a free giveaway.

National Examiner placement


Belo Cipriani a Spokesman for Guide Dogs for the Blind - 3/20/2014

Belo Miguel Cipriani, author of Blind: A Memoir, is a spokesman for the organization Guide Dogs for the Blind. He was recently featured in their six-minute documentary, “Harnessing the Power of Partnership”.

Guide Dogs for the Blind is the largest guide dog school in the United States.

Belo Cipriani


Author Linda McNamara Appointed to National Committee - 3/20/2014

Linda McNamara, co-author of If You Have to Wear an Ugly Dress, Learn to Accessorize: Guidance, Inspiration, and Hope for Women with Lupus, Scleroderma, and Other Autoimmune Illnesses, was recently appointed to the Advisory Panel on Assessment of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options (APDTO) for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Linda is a registered nurse, healthcare consultant, and co-founder of The Ugly Dress, LLC, an organization to advance awareness and understanding of lupus and other autoimmune disorders. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is an independent, non-profit organization authorized by Congress in 2010. Its mission is to fund research that will provide patients, their caregivers and clinicians with the evidence-based information needed to make better-informed healthcare decisions. More information is available

Linda McNamara book cover


Author Steve Isham Develops Special Ed App - 3/14/2014

Steven R. Isham, author of Child and Family Advocacy: The Complete Guide to Child Advocacy and Education for Parents, Teachers, Advocates, and Social Workers, recently developed an app for Android and Apple mobile devices, SpEd Terms, which provides definitions for more than 700 special education terms and acronyms.

The event was published in the magazine Raising Arizona Kids, “App defines special education terms,” March 12, 2014.

Steven Isham book cover


Wheatmark Author in Exclusive Catalog - 3/13/2014

The Pavlovas of Butterbrooke Breeze: A Most Curious Correspondence by Adderly Harp, has been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Bas Bleu Catalog, Spring 2014 20th-Anniversary edition. Members of the Bas Bleu Society will be receiving their catalogs in the mail this month. For more information about Bas Bleu visit  .

Phil Baugh


Ethel Lee-Miller’s Book Launch - 3/3/2014

Ethel Lee-Miller held her book launch party for Seedlings: Stories of Relationships, on March 2, 2014. She calls the finished product “stunning.”

Ethel Lee-Miller


Bob Elliott and Eric Money to Sign Books Before UA Basketball Games - 2/27/2014

Bob Elliott, coauthor of Tucson a Basketball Town, will be signing books before the University of Arizona Wildcat basketball games on Wednesday, February 26 (before the UA-Cal game), and Sunday, March 2, at 4 pm (before the UA-Stanford game), at McKale Center on the University of Arizona Campus.

Bill Walton, Bob Elliott, Eric Money

Bill Walton, Eric Money, and Bob Elliott at the University of Arizona McKale Center

Bob Elliott, Tucson a Basketball Town


Janet Bauer on NBC Affiliate - 2/27/2014

Janet Bauer, author of What’s Great About You! For All Children In The World, was recently interviewed on NBC-affiliate TV channel WNCN on the My Carolina Today show. The TV interview about the book now appears on forty TV station websites, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX affiliates around the United States.

Watch the interview.

Janet Bauer, What's Great About You?


Author Bob Elliott in the Arizona Daily Star - 1/31/2014

Bob Elliott, co-author of Tucson a Basketball Town, was featured in the Arizona Daily Star article “Bob Elliott’s book to fill in gaps of how Cats became a power”, on January 28, 2014.

Bob Elliott


Janet Bauer Barnes & Noble Book Signing - 1/31/2014

Janet Bauer, author of What’s Great About You! For All Children In The World, held a book signing at the Barnes & Noble at Cary Commons, Cary, North Carolina, on January 14, 2014.

Janet Bauer book signing


Lynne Ashdown in the Marin Independent Journal - 1/15/2014

Lynne Ashdown, author of One American Woman Fifty Italian Men: A Journey of Cycling, Love, and Will, received a full-page feature in the Marin Independent Journal in the article “One American woman, 54 Italian men and a cycling journey”.

She also had successful book signing at the well-known bookstore, Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA, on Dec. 14, 2013.

Lynne Ashdown


Unfinished Business Named in AZ Daily Star’s Best of 2013 - 1/10/2014

Joseph T. Bagnara’s book, Unfinished Business: A Biologist in the Latter Half of the 20th Century, was mentioned in the Arizona Daily Star‘s “Southern Arizona Authors” section as one of the “Best of 2013”.

Joseph Bagnara, Unfinished Business


Clark Norton’s Baby Boomer Travel Website - 8/21/2013

Clark Norton has been asked to appear on a Michigan-based radio program that reaches seven stations in two states this October. Clark will be discussing marketing baby boomer travel, the subject of his blog at, which has received over 2,000 visits since debuting two and a half months ago.

Wheatmark set up Clark’s website and blog in May as part of his Simple Marketing System and he has since posted more than 50 items on marketing baby boomer travel, ranging from cruises to destinations, hotels, restaurants, tours and more appropriate for those aged 49-67.

Clark Norton


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