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Lisa Farringer Parker at the 2014 International Rubery Book Award - 8/2/2014

Lisa Farringer Parker, author of Angels in the Darkness: A Family’s Triumph over Hitler and World War II Berlin, 1935-1949, made it to the Nonfiction category shortlist for the 2014 International Rubery Book Award.

Angels in the Darkness by Lisa Farringer Parker


Richard Collins Featured Speaker - 8/1/2014

Richard Collins, author of Riding Behind the Padre: Horseback Views from Both Sides of the Border, spoke at the National Day of the Cowboy, held at Borderlands Brewing Co. in Tucson, on July 26.

Richard Collins


Roberta Grimes on TV - 7/31/2014

Roberta Grimes, author of The Fun of Dying, recently co-chaired a conference on afterlife in Scottsdale, AZ, and was interviewed on local TV.

Roberta Grimes


Duke Southard Interviewed on Radio - 7/5/2014

Authors Academy member and Wheatmark author Duke Southard (, author of A Favor Returned, Agent for Justice, and The Week from Heaven and Hell, was a guest on the On the Bookshelf radio show with Andrew Greeley on Tucson’s KVOI 1030 AM.

Duke Southard, A Favor Returned


Peter Waller Interviewed on Radio - 6/20/2014

Peter Waller, author of Genesis Revealed: A Scientific Examination of the Creation Story, was the guest of host Andrew Greeley for a full hour on the On the Bookshelf radio show on Tucson’s KVOI 1030 AM.

Peter Waller


Jerry Bailey Receives University of Houston Lifetime Achievement Award - 6/19/2014

Dr. Jerry Bailey, author of The World Is Our Course and The Fall of the American Empire, has been recognized by the University of Houston as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the engineering alumni association. A 1963 graduate in chemical engineering, Dr. Bailey is a former Exxon President of the Arabian Gulf region. Currently he serves as Chairman of BCM Energy and CEO of MCW Energy. His experiences in Libya form the basis for the novel Sweet Crude by V.C. Thomas, another Wheatmark title, for which he was the technical advisor.

Jerry Bailey


Robert Bevenour in the Cedar Rapids Gazette - 6/19/2014

The Cedar Rapids Gazette published an author profile of Robert Joseph Bevenour, whose book, Road to Yasukuni, was published earlier this month.

Robert Bevenour

Robert Bevenour


World Forum Foundation Selects Janet Bauer’s Book - 6/18/2014

Janet Bauer’s book, What’s Great About You! For All Children In The World, was selected as a resource for the World Forum Foundation’s online library. The mission of the organization—a member of the Clinton Global Initiative—is to promote an on-going global exchange of ideas on the delivery of quality services for young children in diverse settings. Every two years, six-to-eight hundred early childhood professionals from more than eighty countries gather to share ideas on a wide range of issues impacting the delivery of quality services for children and families.

Janet Bauer


Charlie Cornacchio’s Book Launch - 6/17/2014

Watch this video from the book launch for How I Met My Mother … and the Four Brothers I Never Knew I Had  by Charlie Cornacchio.

Charlie Cornacchio



Connie Solano in the Lewistown, PA, Sentinel - 6/17/2014

Connie Solano, author of Courageous Women: Thirty-Two Short Stories, was recently featured in a full-page story in the Lewistown, PA Sentinel. Solano, a distant cousin to former Speaker Newt Gingrich, published Courageous Women in 2010 to help bring more public awareness to the courageous actions of women throughout U.S. history. Solano was motivated to write and publish Courageous Women because little has been written about most of the women featured in her book. For example, she tells the story of Sybil Ludington, who rode her horse to warn local minutemen that the British were attacking Danbury, CT, on the night of April 26, 1777. Sybil was only sixteen years old, rode all night, covered twice as much ground as Paul Revere, and was never captured. The stories are illustrated with pencil drawings by Jimmy Lee and Ellen Clugston. Solano is also the author of Cochise Connie: Pennsylvania to Cochise County, Arizona and Everything In-Between, her autobiography. Connie believes every woman has an important story to tell, some more tragic than others, and encourages them to put pen to paper.

Connie Solano Couragous Women


My Thomas Reviewed by Night Owl Reviews - 6/3/2014

The historical romance My Thomas, written by Roberta Grimes, received a positive review by Night Owl Reviews. “This is a definite must-read for anyone who is a fan of historical fiction or wants to learn more about the man behind the Constitution and many of the freedoms we now take for granted.”

My Thomas by Roberta Grimes


Charlie Cornacchio in the Daily Freeman - 5/19/2014

Charlie Cornacchio was featured in the Life section of the Daily Freeman in Kingston, NY, as part of a Mother’s Day feature focusing on his recently released book, How I Met My Mother … and the Four Brothers I Never Knew I Had. He also appeared on radio Mix 97 FM, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Charlie Cornacchio

Charlie Cornacchio


Merilee A. Kern’s Book a National Examiner Giveaway - 3/21/2014

Merilee A. Kern’s book, Making Healthy Choices: A Story to Inspire Fit, Weight-Wise Kids, was featured in the March 24, 2014 edition of the National Examiner as a free giveaway.

National Examiner placement


Belo Cipriani a Spokesman for Guide Dogs for the Blind - 3/20/2014

Belo Miguel Cipriani, author of Blind: A Memoir, is a spokesman for the organization Guide Dogs for the Blind. He was recently featured in their six-minute documentary, “Harnessing the Power of Partnership”.

Guide Dogs for the Blind is the largest guide dog school in the United States.

Belo Cipriani


Author Linda McNamara Appointed to National Committee - 3/20/2014

Linda McNamara, co-author of If You Have to Wear an Ugly Dress, Learn to Accessorize: Guidance, Inspiration, and Hope for Women with Lupus, Scleroderma, and Other Autoimmune Illnesses, was recently appointed to the Advisory Panel on Assessment of Prevention, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options (APDTO) for the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Linda is a registered nurse, healthcare consultant, and co-founder of The Ugly Dress, LLC, an organization to advance awareness and understanding of lupus and other autoimmune disorders. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) is an independent, non-profit organization authorized by Congress in 2010. Its mission is to fund research that will provide patients, their caregivers and clinicians with the evidence-based information needed to make better-informed healthcare decisions. More information is available

Linda McNamara book cover


Author Steve Isham Develops Special Ed App - 3/14/2014

Steven R. Isham, author of Child and Family Advocacy: The Complete Guide to Child Advocacy and Education for Parents, Teachers, Advocates, and Social Workers, recently developed an app for Android and Apple mobile devices, SpEd Terms, which provides definitions for more than 700 special education terms and acronyms.

The event was published in the magazine Raising Arizona Kids, “App defines special education terms,” March 12, 2014.

Steven Isham book cover


Wheatmark Author in Exclusive Catalog - 3/13/2014

The Pavlovas of Butterbrooke Breeze: A Most Curious Correspondence by Adderly Harp, has been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Bas Bleu Catalog, Spring 2014 20th-Anniversary edition. Members of the Bas Bleu Society will be receiving their catalogs in the mail this month. For more information about Bas Bleu visit  .

Phil Baugh


Ethel Lee-Miller’s Book Launch - 3/3/2014

Ethel Lee-Miller held her book launch party for Seedlings: Stories of Relationships, on March 2, 2014. She calls the finished product “stunning.”

Ethel Lee-Miller


Bob Elliott and Eric Money to Sign Books Before UA Basketball Games - 2/27/2014

Bob Elliott, coauthor of Tucson a Basketball Town, will be signing books before the University of Arizona Wildcat basketball games on Wednesday, February 26 (before the UA-Cal game), and Sunday, March 2, at 4 pm (before the UA-Stanford game), at McKale Center on the University of Arizona Campus.

Bill Walton, Bob Elliott, Eric Money

Bill Walton, Eric Money, and Bob Elliott at the University of Arizona McKale Center

Bob Elliott, Tucson a Basketball Town


Janet Bauer on NBC Affiliate - 2/27/2014

Janet Bauer, author of What’s Great About You! For All Children In The World, was recently interviewed on NBC-affiliate TV channel WNCN on the My Carolina Today show. The TV interview about the book now appears on forty TV station websites, including NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX affiliates around the United States.

Watch the interview.

Janet Bauer, What's Great About You?


Author Bob Elliott in the Arizona Daily Star - 1/31/2014

Bob Elliott, co-author of Tucson a Basketball Town, was featured in the Arizona Daily Star article “Bob Elliott’s book to fill in gaps of how Cats became a power”, on January 28, 2014.

Bob Elliott


Janet Bauer Barnes & Noble Book Signing - 1/31/2014

Janet Bauer, author of What’s Great About You! For All Children In The World, held a book signing at the Barnes & Noble at Cary Commons, Cary, North Carolina, on January 14, 2014.

Janet Bauer book signing


Lynne Ashdown in the Marin Independent Journal - 1/15/2014

Lynne Ashdown, author of One American Woman Fifty Italian Men: A Journey of Cycling, Love, and Will, received a full-page feature in the Marin Independent Journal in the article “One American woman, 54 Italian men and a cycling journey”.

She also had successful book signing at the well-known bookstore, Book Passage in Corte Madera, CA, on Dec. 14, 2013.

Lynne Ashdown


Unfinished Business Named in AZ Daily Star’s Best of 2013 - 1/10/2014

Joseph T. Bagnara’s book, Unfinished Business: A Biologist in the Latter Half of the 20th Century, was mentioned in the Arizona Daily Star‘s “Southern Arizona Authors” section as one of the “Best of 2013”.

Joseph Bagnara, Unfinished Business


Clark Norton’s Baby Boomer Travel Website - 8/21/2013

Clark Norton has been asked to appear on a Michigan-based radio program that reaches seven stations in two states this October. Clark will be discussing marketing baby boomer travel, the subject of his blog at, which has received over 2,000 visits since debuting two and a half months ago.

Wheatmark set up Clark’s website and blog in May as part of his Simple Marketing System and he has since posted more than 50 items on marketing baby boomer travel, ranging from cruises to destinations, hotels, restaurants, tours and more appropriate for those aged 49-67.

Clark Norton


Visiting Author Stan Crader - 4/24/2013

Here’s a picture of Grael Norton of Wheatmark (left) grabbing a spot next to visiting author Stan Crader and his wife, Debbie. Stan, the author of three novels, two of which—The Bridge and Paperboy—are also Great Expectations winners, flew in to speak at the Tucson Festival of Books and to sign off on the set up of his Simple Marketing System and the design of his new website,

Author Stan Crader


Col. Ralph Puckett addresses several audiences - 4/23/2013

Col. Ralph Puckett (Ret.), author of Words for Warriors: A Professional Soldier’s Notebook recently participated in the following events:

New second lieutenants shortly after commissioning attend “Branch School” to qualify in their specific arm of service. All Infantry second lieutenants attend the Infantry Basic Officer Leadership Course (IBOLC) at Fort Benning, GA. On 5 March 2013 they participated in a seminar in which they discussed Leadership, Duty, and Ranger School. The seminar was conducted the second day of the branch course setting the stage for the remainder of the course. There were approximately 150 officers attending. Participation and discussion were lively as the students discussed the meanings of the title words and situations that they most probably will face when they report to their first unit.

Columbus State University has undergraduate and graduate programs in History. One of the courses offered is the Vietnam War. The Tet Offensive, which occurred in February 1968, was a major event that significantly diminished support for the conflict by American citizens. The professor for the course asked Col. Puckett to lead a discussion on this period. Col. Puckett was acting Airborne Brigade Commander at the time of the Offensive. He drew upon that personal experience and added material from numerous authoritative sources to prepare his presentation and participation in the discussion by the students. The class was well received.

Col. Puckett also lead a leadership seminar with the commanders, staff, and senior noncommissioned officers of the 192d Infantry Brigade. This Brigade provides the initial entry training to thousands of new Soldiers each year. The Brigade Commander had selected Words for Warriors: A Professional Soldier’s Notebook as the book to be read and discussed by his commanders and staff. At the beginning of the month in which the book was assigned, the commander provided each participant a series of specific questions pertaining to different essays in the book. The four-hour discussion began with a one-hour orientation with the team leaders. Each leader then coordinated the discussion of his group of six participants. Essays selected for discussion included the importance for commanders to “Be There” with their soldiers in times of stress; giving credit to soldiers for good performances, how difficulties exacerbated by dispersion of units may be minimized, the importance of subordinates being honest and forthright with their commanders when discussing decisions by the commander, and many other questions that face commanders at every level of command. Participants commented freely and without reservation as they described situations in their past service and difficulties that would probably arise in the future.

Col. Ralph Puckett


Shafiq Abdussabur in the New York Daily News - 4/23/2013

The New York Daily News reports that Shafiq R. F. Abdussabur, author of A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America participated in a panel of local activists and policymakers discussing gun control at Bronx Community College.

Author Shafiq Abdussabur


SR Staley leads New York Times debate on self-defense - 4/23/2013

SR Staley, author of the “Path of the Warrior” series for young adults, participated in an online debate on the New York Times website on the role of bystanders witnessing violent crime.

SR Staley


Journal of Arizona History Reviews “Skirting Traditions” - 4/23/2013

The Journal of Arizona History has reviewed Skirting Traditions: Arizona Women Writers and Journalists 1912-2012, compiled by the Arizona Press Women. The review concludes, “Many readers will find themselves interested in learning more about these fascinating and significant women in Arizona history!”

Arizona Press Women


Wisconsin Bookwatch Reviews “Get Back Up” - 4/23/2013

The Midwest Book Review’s Wisconsin Bookwatch has reviewed Get Back Up: Trusting God When Life Knocks You Down by Sheryl Giesbrecht. “Encouraging readers to find God’s plan for them when all there seems to be is chaos, “Get Back Up” is a strong addition to general inspirational and spirituality collections.”

Get Back Up


Arizona Daily Star Reviews “In Saguaro’s Shadow” - 1/18/2013

The Arizona Daily Star published a review of Ernest Schusky’s In Saguaro’s Shadow: A Historical Novel of the Tohono O’odham in its Southern Arizona Authors section.

In Saguaro's Shadow


NPR Interview with Shafiq R. F. Abdussabur - 1/17/2013

Shafiq R. F. Abdussabur, author of A Black Man’s Guide to Law Enforcement in America, was part of a police roundtable on gun violence on NPR radio on January 15, 2013.

Shafiq Abdussabur


Jack B. Rochester Visiting from Massachusetts - 1/17/2013

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Jack B. Rochester of Business Book Ghostwriters, Wheatmark client and long-time Authors Academy member, in person. Jack flew to Arizona from Massachusetts to attend the January meeting of I Love Marketing Tucson. Pictured are Jack (right) and Grael Norton of Wheatmark.

Jack B. Rochester


Col. Ralph Puckett at Leadership Seminar - 1/9/2013

Colonel Ralph Puckett, US Army (Ret), author of Words for Warriors: A Professional Soldier’s Notebook, led a two-hour leadership seminar “Taking Command” at the Maneuver Center of Excellence at Fort Benning, GA. There were approximately 150 army officers plus a dozen USMC officers.


My Enemy’s Tears Takes First Place - 12/26/2012

My Enemy’s Tears: The Witch of Northampton by Karen Vorbeck Williams has taken first place in the 2012 New England Book Festival’s General Fiction category.

My Enemy's Tears cover image



Betty Jo Tucker Wins Coveted Book Award - 12/26/2012

The judges of the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards contest, which recognizes excellence in literature, have spoken, and Confessions of a Movie Addict by Betty Jo Tucker won first place in the Memoir, Autobiography category.

Confessions of a Movie Addict book cover


Author Phil Baugh at the Mission Hills street fair - 12/18/2012

Phil Baugh, author of The Pavlovas of Butterbrooke Breeze, had a successful book signing at a street fair called “Holidays in the Hills” in the Mission Hills neighborhood of San Diego, CA. A local gift shop is also selling his book and postcards.

Author Phil Baugh


Cold war spy novel reviewed - 12/13/2012

The Midwest Book Review’s Wisconsin Bookwatch has reviewed Frank Babb’s spy novel Hot Times in Panama: What Would You Do to Serve Your Country? in its December 2012 issue, calling it “a strong addition to collections focusing on espionage and intrigue fiction.”

Hot Times in Panama - Frank Babb


SR Staley’s “Renegade” wins 2nd place - 12/12/2012

Renegade, a young adult novel by SR Staley, won second place in the children’s chapter book division of the Seven Hills Literary Competition. This is a national competition sponsored by the Tallahassee Writers Association.

Renegade by SR Staley


Julie Wanner interviewed for Hawaii Wellness Magazine - 12/12/2012

Author Julie Wanner

Lori Chaffin of Hawaii Wellness Magazine interviewed author Julie Wanner about her book Diabetes Can Be Sweet ... Once You Bury It.

Watch the interview here.


Skirting Traditions wins 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award - 12/10/2012

The book Skirting Traditions: Arizona Women Writers and Journalists 1912-2012, compiled by the Arizona Press Women, is the winner of the 2012 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award in the Centennial-Arizona category. Skirting Traditions was also a finalist in the Biography-AZ category.

The awards are presented by the New Mexico Book Co-op, a not-for-profit organization serving authors and publishers. The awards were announced November 16, 2012, at the MCM Elegante Hotel in Albuquerque at a gala awards banquet to a sold out crowd of 232 people. The contest had a record number of entries this year with over 400 titles entered in 45 categories. The judges for the awards were over 70 book sellers, readers, librarians, teachers in many states and each entry was reviewed at least three judges. Any books by a New Mexico or Arizona author or publisher published between 2010 and 2012 were eligible. Any books on Arizona or New Mexico were also eligible. After the judging process, all books entered were donated to libraries, schools, and literacy programs. The 2013 awards program will be announced at the end of January.

Author Brenda Warneka
Image: Brenda Warneka, president of the Arizona Press Women, at the Yavitt Book Club meeting.


Man with the Banjo Gets Around - 11/19/2012

Author George Peabody

Photo: George Robert Peabody visiting with Wheatmark’s Lori Leavitt.

The secret life of legendary banjo superstar Eddie Peabody is the topic of his son George Robert’s novel Man with the Banjo, which touches on Peabody’s secret commission as a lieutenant in the U.S. Naval Reserve and his reconnaissance mission in World War II Germany.

George Robert Peabody was recently hosted for an event by the American Banjo Museum in Oklahoma City. He was also featured in an article in the Vermillion Plain Talk about his donation of a collection of instruments belonging to his late father, Eddie Peabody, to the National Music Museum.

The September/October 2012 issue of All Frets also discussed the author and his father in the article, “The Spirit of St. Louis… Peabody Style.”


Michael and Amy Huether in the Arizona Daily Star - 11/9/2012

The Arizona Daily Star published an article featuring Michael and Amy Huether, authors of Ju Ju and the Sunblock, which is a story of a little boy who is not a fan of sunblock lotions.


Visiting with Author Mo Griffin - 11/9/2012

Author Mo Griffin

Western novelist Mo Griffin flew in from Kansas to discuss plans for his latest book, Night Riders in the Tallgrass, with Grael Norton, Wheatmark’s acquisitions manager.


Visiting with Author Carolyn Masters - 11/8/2012

Author Carolyn Masters

Visiting author Carolyn Masters and Grael Norton, Wheatmark’s acquisitions manager, had a great strategy meeting today about Carolyn’s upcoming book, The Heart of Your Move.


Mathias B. Freese’s Essays Get Published Online - 11/5/2012

Two essays from Mathias B. Freese’s This Möbius Strip of Ifs have been published in these online literary sites: Literary Marie and The Montréal Review.


JoAnn Jumper Interviewed on TV - 10/23/2012

JoAnn Jumper, author of On Your Own: Navigating the Road to Independence, was interviewed on KWTX-TV, Waco, Texas, about her book.


Reference & Research Book News Reviews “Get Published Today!” - 10/11/2012

The Reference & Research Book News reviewed Penny C. Sansevieri’s book Get Published Today! An Insider’s Guide to Publishing Success in its October 2012 issue.


Col. Ralph Puckett Speaks on Leadership - 10/10/2012

Col. Ralph Pucket (Ret.), author of Words for Warriors: A Professional Soldier’s Notebook, held a leadership seminar for two companies (approximately 150 new armor and cavalry second lieutenants) on October 9, 2012. They discussed the vision for the platoon the leader would like to have, the training objectives to reach that vision, and techniques for developing junior leaders (noncommissioned officers) in the platoon.


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