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13 reasons every author should have a mailing list

February 28, 2013 by Atilla Vekony, Vice President

book marketing with mailing listsIf you want to sell more books, you want to have a mailing list.

Your mailing list; not Amazon’s, your publisher’s, or the couple of blogs you guest post for now and then.

Because in the beginning, the middle, and the end, your mailing list will always be your first connection with your readers. Below are thirteen reasons why a mailing list is so important for authors.

1. Connect with your readers.

2. Bring in new readers.

3. Give special offers to your readers.

4. Get feedback from your readers.

5. Share breaking news about your books with readers.

6. Ask for help from your readers with book ideas, suggestions, and tips.

7. Encourage your readers to spread the word about your books.

8. Jump start new book sales with your readers.

9. Do joint ventures with other authors—each sharing news, events, and special offers about the other to their respective mailing list.

10. Expand your income with coaching, workshops, audio and video recordings, and articles to your readers.

11. Get a book deal from a major publisher when your mailing list (vital part of your platform) is big enough to impress them.

12. If you change publishers, you carry your mailing list with you. 

13. Finally, you can earn affiliate income from other author or publisher book promotions if you choose to.

Are you convinced yet? I hope so, because if you’re serious about selling more books your mailing list should be the foundation of all your publicity and marketing efforts.

When you speak in front of others, encourage them to join your mailing list. When you put a book in the mail, mention they might like to keep in touch by joining your mailing list. If you leave a comment, a tweet or write a guest post, always and everywhere give a link back to where they can sign up for your mailing list.

Do you need help getting started? At Wheatmark, we believe in helping authors with every step of the writing and publishing process. Whether your book is is in the beginning or final stages you want to get started with a mailing list.

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Dan Hodgins, TinyLever pic

Atilla - a mailing list is the most valuable business asset one can build as an author. It’s also the only one you’ll fully control.

Building a mailing list isn’t just about subscribers though. It’s also getting into the mindset of constantly adding people to your list. Everyone you meet should be asked if they’d like to get updates, exclusives, features and hidden chapters by email. Some people might wish to receive blog posts by email (you offer this option in the right sidebar for your readers as well).

There’s so many ways to capture emails and grow a mailing list it boggles the mind.

For a few dozen ideas about how to grow a mailing list read this:

posted on 2/28/2013 by Dan Hodgins, TinyLever

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