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Author blogging for beginners

March 04, 2013 by Atilla Vekony, Vice President

blog writing for authorsAt Wheatmark, we often suggest to authors that blogging is one of the best and easiest ways they can start connecting and building an audience.

Blogging is not difficult although to the beginner it might seem to be. Basically, it is simply writing a few paragraphs about topics that will relate to the audience of your book.

Both fiction and nonfiction writers can share their story on the blog about how they came to write. Share some of your personal history that is relevant to being an author. Talk about the process of building characters for your book, how they developed and grew. Use bits and pieces from your book that show them in action and conversation.

Before your book is published, you can keep your readers informed of the book’s progress. Share the cover of the book when it is designed. If you have more than one cover designed you can even let your readers vote on the one that they like the best.

Blogging is great for announcing presales and special events leading up to publication. Some authors hold contests to let the winner decide a name for one of the characters or find other creative ways to keep them involved in the book’s progress.

Once the book is published, use your blog to announce book signings and author events. Take pictures of anything you do that relates to your book. Get a family member to snap a photo of opening the package that delivers your first book proof. Have a friend take another picture as you sign your first book autograph. Bring out your camera again for taking a trip to the post office with a box of books for mailing. Big things, little things can all build human interest and involvement.

Blogging about being an author can be very fun. Encourage your readers to comment. Responding back when they do will let your fans know that you appreciate and value them.

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