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You Are a Marketer of Your Message

April 17, 2012 by Sam Henrie, President

One of the biggest pitfalls for a published author is to think of herself primarily as an author with a book to sell, and then to behave that way. That usually translates to waking up in the morning and thinking about how she could talk more about her book and sell more copies that day. Not the most fun way to start the day. Instead, what we recommend in the Authors Academy is that you think of yourself as a marketer, a marketer of your message, and not as an author with a book to sell. Let me give you a couple of recent examples:

Author Keryl PesceKeryl Pesce (left), author of Happy Bitch: The Girlfriend’s Straight-up Guide to Losing the Baggage and Finding the Fun, Fabulous You Inside has been creating a unique brand around her book. She started with the worst period of her life (the breakup of her marriage) and created something positive out of it—the book—and now a whole new brand. “That is my message. We all face challenges. They just come in different shapes and sizes. But each of us has the power to choose how to respond,” she said in an email. She has launched a weekly radio show called Happy Hour with her cohost, attorney, and regular MSNBC and Fox News contributor Jonna Spilbor. Keryl also released the Happy Bitch wine—a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir—last November. Keryl has spreading a positive message to look forward to when she wakes up in the morning (as opposed to a book to peddle).

Author Nina AtwoodThen, singles coach Nina Atwood, Authors Academy Gold member and author of Temptations of the Single Girl: The Ten Dating Traps You Must Avoid, gives regular TV interviews on Good Morning Texas. One of the more recent funny segments was about cheesy pick-up lines and how to react to them. The fact that she’s authored the book Temptations comes up regularly. (See the book in the lower left corner of the picture above.) And it will always come up for you too, whenever you’re engaged in marketing and passionately sharing your message.

How much more fun is spreading and marketing your message than peddling a book?


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