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The books are here already!! WOW that is amazing. Thank you so much. My husband said, “Seems like at every step they have outperformed expectations sooner than anticipated!” I love it!
Mary Bea Sullivan
Living Awake: Forty Days Toward Renewal
I like the professional manner in the way business is conducted ... the friendly attitude [Wheatmark] presents [and] I am delighted in the way questions are answered promptly and with detailed instructions.
Archie J. Hoagland
The Mystery of Sorrows

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Clients in the News

Fernando Prol to Discuss his Book, “Sugar and Dirt,” on the Bill Buckmaster Show - 4/24/2015

On May 6, 2015, Fernando Prol will have the privilege of being a guest on the Bill Buckmaster show featured on KVOI. Author of Sugar and Dirt, Fernando will spend his time discussing his recent publication and the inspiration behind the story.

To listen in on the interview, tune in around 12:30pm on AM 1030 or live stream the show here.

Sugar and Dirt

Quintessential Style Reviewed by Kirkus Review Magazine - 4/24/2015

Janna Beatty and Sharon White, authors of Quintessential Style, were delighted to share their recent review featured in the Kirkus Reviews Magazine. The review praises the personalized approach and relatability to everyday women, and even calls the book a “slim, to-the-point style manual [that] helps readers become their own best image consultants.”

For more information about Janna and Sharon and their insight into fashion and style, check out their website here.


David Bulitt Featured in the Gazette.Net Maryland Community News - 4/24/2015

David Bulitt, newly published author of the book, Card Game, was featured by the Gazette.Net on April 8, 2015. After practicing as a Divorce Lawyer for over 25 years, David finally had the opportunity to complete his story.

Card Game brings to life an era of prank phone calls and fake IDs, unsupervised boys’ nights out, and moments of head-shaking depravity, even as it tells the story of what happens when these boys grow up. A funny, poignant, and at times painful meditation on death, lifelong friendships, and honesty, Card Game is as irreverent as it is heartfelt.

Card Game

Sharon Rezac Andersen visits Cynthia Riggs - 4/20/2015

Sharon Rezac Andersen recently had the pleasure of visiting with Cynthia Riggs, bestselling author of eleven Martha’s Vineyard murder mysteries. Andersen, Riggs, and Riggs’ husband, Dr. Howard Rattebery, discussed Andersen’s book, The Burden of Knowing: A Journey, a Friendship, and the Power of Truth in Nicaragua. Dr. Rattebery later wrote, “The feel of the cover, the softness, the goodness it imparts, and the beautiful and meaningful illustration of the dove, a sign of peace, together with the title, The Burden of Knowing, was an incentive to open the book and find out what it is about.”

Below are Sharon Rezac Andersen with Cynthia Riggs (right).

Cynthia Riggs

Gina Murphy-Darling in Natural Awakenings - 4/20/2015

Gina Murphy-Darling (a.k.a. Mrs. Green) was featured on the front cover of the April 2015 issue of Natural Awakenings, in celebration of the launch of her first book, Your Mother Called (Mother Earth) …You’d Better Call Her Back!. Mrs. Green is also the host of the radio program Mrs. Green’s World.

Gina Murphy-Darling (a.k.a. Mrs. Green)

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