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Below are just a few stories of Wheatmark books that have found their audience:

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The books are here already!! WOW that is amazing. Thank you so much. My husband said, “Seems like at every step they have outperformed expectations sooner than anticipated!” I love it!
Mary Bea Sullivan
Living Awake: Forty Days Toward Renewal
The unique blend of talent at Wheatmark has enabled me to be serious about reaching the 10,000 books sold goal. Thank you all…
Michael J. Kerrigan
Politics with Principle

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Clients in the News

Duke Southard Interviewed on Radio - 7/5/2014

Authors Academy member and Wheatmark author Duke Southard (, author of A Favor Returned, Agent for Justice, and The Week from Heaven and Hell, was a guest on the On the Bookshelf radio show with Andrew Greeley on Tucson’s KVOI 1030 AM.

Duke Southard, A Favor Returned

Peter Waller Interviewed on Radio - 6/20/2014

Peter Waller, author of Genesis Revealed: A Scientific Examination of the Creation Story, was the guest of host Andrew Greeley for a full hour on the On the Bookshelf radio show on Tucson’s KVOI 1030 AM.

Peter Waller

Jerry Bailey Receives University of Houston Lifetime Achievement Award - 6/19/2014

Dr. Jerry Bailey, author of The World Is Our Course and The Fall of the American Empire, has been recognized by the University of Houston as a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the engineering alumni association. A 1963 graduate in chemical engineering, Dr. Bailey is a former Exxon President of the Arabian Gulf region. Currently he serves as Chairman of BCM Energy and CEO of MCW Energy. His experiences in Libya form the basis for the novel Sweet Crude by V.C. Thomas, another Wheatmark title, for which he was the technical advisor.

Jerry Bailey

Robert Bevenour in the Cedar Rapids Gazette - 6/19/2014

The Cedar Rapids Gazette published an author profile of Robert Joseph Bevenour, whose book, Road to Yasukuni, was published earlier this month.

Robert Bevenour

Robert Bevenour

World Forum Foundation Selects Janet Bauer’s Book - 6/18/2014

Janet Bauer’s book, What’s Great About You! For All Children In The World, was selected as a resource for the World Forum Foundation’s online library. The mission of the organization—a member of the Clinton Global Initiative—is to promote an on-going global exchange of ideas on the delivery of quality services for young children in diverse settings. Every two years, six-to-eight hundred early childhood professionals from more than eighty countries gather to share ideas on a wide range of issues impacting the delivery of quality services for children and families.

Janet Bauer

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