120 Points of Light: Thoughts to Ponder Toward Enlightenment


Ron Lancaster has been living the great ideas of the ancient thinkers for many years. By profession, he is a storyteller and teacher. By love, he is a philosopher without portfolio. Ron does his thinking in Tucson, Arizona.

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120 Points of Light: Thoughts to Ponder Toward Enlightenment reflects an uncommon sincerity and depth of understanding about how the world works and our potential in it.  These thoughts are a fine liquor of the mind, to be sipped slowly for that pleasant feeling when intellect meets heart.

The purpose of this book is to educate the reader on the ways of the world and to assist the seeker toward self-knowledge and spiritual insight. In the quiet of time, read slowly, perhaps only one or two ideas a day, to provide food for pondering a long while.


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