I’m Just the Keyboard Guy

I’m Just the Keyboard Guy


JoAnn L. Hill holds a bachelor of arts degree, a bachelor of fine arts degree, and a master’s degree in fine arts with a concentration in painting and sculpture. She has been a practicing artist for much of her life. Over the past six years, JoAnn has set her painting aside so that she can write. Her first book, a historical novel called Yet Another Fallen Star, was published in 2012.

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As a boy growing up in Montana, Reg Mathews is thought to inherent the family ranch when he comes of age, but he falls in love with his piano instead. Reg’s father considers this a near tragedy, but his mother encourages him, seeing to it that he has a fine piano for practice and lessons from an accomplished teacher.

As a young man majoring in music, Reg is expected to set his sights on a career as a concert pianist, but surprises everyone by dropping out and joining a rock and roll band.

As a working musician, Reg adjusts to a life filled with cheap hotels, romance, heartbreak, and general mayhem. While his talent and hard work open many doors, he discovers that the constant touring makes it impossible for him to connect with anyone for very long. Will the road less traveled lead Reg back home?