A Capacity to Inspire: Tale from the Ice Man


A Capacity to Inspire is JoAnn Hill’s third novel. Yet Another Fallen Star, her first published work, was followed by I’m Just the Keyboard Guy. A fourth book featuring the ice man is forthcoming and will also include illustrations by the author. Hill holds a bachelor of fine arts and a master’s degree in the arts, in painting and sculpture. As age has slowed her large art pieces, she has turned to writing and ink sketches. All the sketches in this book are her own creations.

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I deliver ice around the whole community. The folks I come across never hesitate to tell me their stories. After all, I’m just the ice man . . .

Jon makes deliveries for the local ice company. Although an increasing number of people are purchasing those large, electric boxes that keep ice cream frozen and even make ice cubes, he doesn’t let this fact affect his attitude. He is well-acquainted with all that matters, and his main aim in life is not necessarily keeping a hunk of ice frozen. Jon loves people, and it seems to him that they need a tremendous amount of help. Someone is always in need of advice, and Jon is exceptional in giving it. He brings people together — or separates them if needed. The wild choices they make are never a problem for him, but rather a welcome challenge. He takes chances when needed and deals with love, marriage, and even murder.

A Capacity to Inspire by JoAnn Hill is a unique work of fiction integrating interesting tales and original illustrations. Each chapter contains up to five sketches, giving the reader a visual aid alongside the captivating story.

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