A Tale of Boxes: The Role of Myth in Creating and Changing Our Stories


Robert T. Latham grew up in a radically conservative religious tradition. As a result of enlightened educational experiences, his religious perspectives were transformed; due to military service during the Vietnam conflict, his cultural perspectives were also transformed. Out of these two transformations, along with his involvement in the 1960s civil rights movement, grew his insights into how mythology defines and shapes all human experience, whether personal, institutional, or cultural. A Tale of Boxes is the product of these insights.

He is presently working as a consultant and writer.

His website is www.mythinglink.com.

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Every one of us lives in a box.

This box determines what we see and what we do not see.

It tells us who to love and hate. What to fight for. How to live.

Who we are.

Our boxes—the collection of stories we tell about ourselves and the world—create the human drama. Whether you become a pawn in this drama or take control of your destiny depends on the ability to answer two questions:

  • Why is my box the way it is?
  • How can I transform it?

By examining the forces that have shaped your most deeply held beliefs, this book challenges you to think outside the box that society has provided for you …

… and begin writing your own story.

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