Alone, Alone, Alone


Maryann Belin Bell

Maryann Belin Bell is a mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, and former special education teacher. She is active in her community and is a proud musician and artist. She has kept a journal for most of her life.

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Loss can be devastating, especially when you lose a life-long partner. Now that you are alone you must find the power to go it alone and discover a new purpose in life. But how can you start again and recover from such a change when you feel frozen in grief? Alone, alone, alone will help you move through the grieving process so that you can eventually conquer the feelings of total bewilderment that often result after losing a loved one. This book is a journey towards a new life with each page bringing thoughts of renewal and healing.

Alone, alone, alone is Maryann Belin Bell’s true story of survival. It chronicles her return to the joy of life after the devastating loss of her spouse and lifetime partner. She hopes that by reading and meditating over the thoughts on each page, others will learn to conquer their feelings of loss and begin to trust themselves to live every day in the now moment.


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