An American Miner in Peru: A Lesson in Patience and Perseverance

An American Miner in Peru: A Lesson in Patience and Perseverance


Chuck Preble served for fifteen years as president and chief executive officer of Southern Peru Copper Corporation (SPCC), the premier copper operation in Peru, leading the company during the country’s long unrest. His personal dedication to Peru and its people led him to serve on the boards of numerous professional and civic organizations. He was inducted into the American Mining Hall of Fame in 1998, received the Charles F. Rand Gold Medal from AIME, and was named Copper Man of the Year in 1998 by the Copper Club in New York City. Although he retired from SPCC in 1999, he still returns frequently to Peru.

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The history of the world is built on cross-cultural communication. From the legendary ancient Silk Road to modern-day geopolitical negotiations, mankind’s greatest mystery, adversary, and ally has always been ourselves. The sweeping and dramatic story of human beings is really the story about individuals—unique, courageous people with an unflappable sense of adventure and curiosity about the world and themselves. Enter Chuck Preble.

In An American Miner in Peru: A Lesson in Patience and Perseverance, Chuck Preble beautifully relates the colorful and breathtaking adventures he experienced as an American copper miner in Peru during a tumultuous period in South America’s history. His ambition and pursuit of all things new catapult him into a life filled with love, loss, and revolution—all while navigating the highs and lows of cross-cultural interactions. His story is a spiritual journey punctuated with beauty and violence that offers universal lessons still relevant today as technology and travel increasingly shrink the borders that separate us. This eloquently written autobiography combines personal enlightenment with international adventure and poignantly depicts the allure and perils of leaving the comfort of one’s home to make a mark on the world.