AMORC Unmasked: The hidden mind control techniques of the Rosicrucian order


Pierre S. Freeman was exposed to AMORC’s mind-control techniques for twenty-four years. In his first book, The Prisoner of San Jose, he describes his experiences with the order, and how he finally deprogrammed himself. Freeman is currently a successful analyst for several large financial institutions in the Minneapolis area.

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The Ancient and Mystic Order of Rosae Crucis bills itself as a nonsectarian group whose members study the mysteries of the universe. Through weekly monographs, AMORC dispenses lessons in telepathy, telekinesis, and other supernatural activities.

Spiritual seekers might believe that AMORC can deliver on its promise to help them achieve cosmic consciousness. Skeptics might dismiss it as harmless nonsense.

Both would be wrong.

A former AMORC member, Pierre S. Freeman reveals the cult’s hidden agenda, along with the advanced hypnotic techniques it employs to slowly gain control over the people who join. If you are thinking about becoming involved with the order, or you want to free yourself from its grasp, you will find the insider knowledge within AMORC Unmasked invaluable.