The Black Lattice and Other Dystopian Tales

The Black Lattice and Other Dystopian Tales


Lynn Finger has been an avid fantasy/sci-fi reader and writer all her life. Her work has appeared in the anthology Undeath and the Detective, a 2014 Silver Falchion Award finalist, and Death and a Cup of Tea, a mystery anthology named a 2015 INDIES Anthology of the Year finalist by Foreword Review. Lynn has another short story appearing in the sci-fi anthology Dark Space. She grew up in Southern California, and now lives in Arizona.

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The Black Lattice and Other Dystopian Tales by Lynn Finger is a thought-provoking collection of short stories in which humans and technology interface in futuristic worlds with unexpected consequences.

These ten dystopian stories take scenarios of an unstable future and explore the depth, struggle, and joy of humanity. In “Without the Tears,” a nurse struggles to maintain his sense of humanity as nano-bot augmentation becomes the norm. “Say Goodbye to the Future” explores the feeling of taking the leap into a parallel universe…but missing it. Human survival is imperiled in “Above Water” in which citizens move underwater as Earth’s sea levels rise to an inhospitable level — but they are dependent on the cooperation of those who are in competition for dwindling resources. In “A Hostile Act of Cupcake,” a programming technician is accused of murder aboard a spaceship that lives on the edge of a black hole. And in the title story, “The Black Lattice,” the lives of space travelers coincide with the awakening of a sentient ship who holds a secret.

When we discover the unfolding of our own dystopian futures, will you be prepared? Explore these visionary worlds created by a rising talent.