Author Debby Hoge, a former kindergarten and first grade teacher, originally wrote Bubbles for the waiting room at her husband’s veterinary hospital. However, the project was stalled because she lacked illustrations to go with her story. That’s when Debby’s granddaughter, Sarah Hoge Switzer, offered to help. Sarah needed a project to complete for her senior year in high school and decided to create the illustrations for her grandmother’s book to fulfill this requirement. She was only given two weeks to complete the drawings and do her presentation, but she made it! Sarah has since graduated from high school with honors and is now attending Elon University in North Carolina.

Through the persistence of her daughter, Debby finally decided to publish Bubbles years later. She hopes it will help to entertain, comfort, and inform children while their pets are being cared for by veterinarians.

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This is a story about Bubbles, Bobby and May’s cat, who is taken to a veterinary hospital after an accident. She has not met a veterinarian before and finds he gives her much love and care. She learns she needs to be more aware when she travels.


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