Cone of Silence: A novel of politics, money, and romance


Michael Sloan is an aviation professor and FAA-certified instrument flight instructor. He teaches FAA-approved flight instructor refresher clinics. At the U.S. Air Force Defense Mapping Agency, where he worked as a professional cartographer, he held an extended top secret clearance. This is his second book.

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For years, top executives at banks and insurance companies have swindled America. It’s payback time.

Rob Prentiss is a forensic interrogator for the CIA. For almost a decade he has observed suspects to assess whether they are telling the truth—and he’s good at his job. But when he is assigned to investigate a potential terror threat to a nuclear power plant, he has major concerns. Until now he has only worked in conference rooms and offices. Why have his superiors chosen somebody with no experience in the field for this potentially dangerous mission?

Prentiss crosses paths with another agent on the case: Kay Alden, a Marine who has commanded clandestine seek-and-destroy operations in countries known to support terrorist training camps. With her specialized military background and lethal skills, she is used to working alone, but finds herself appreciating the genuine human contact Prentiss provides.

Together they intelligently, persistently, methodically pursue justice. As their investigation deepens, they realize that the people who sent them may prefer that certain facts remain undiscovered.

Cone of Silence tells a story of corporate greed and government indifference . . . and the unexpected consequences of both.


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