Destined to Succeed: Unstoppable and Unlimitable!


Peter Mbada is a stimulating and inspiring speaker who has spoken in Africa, Europe, and the United States. He reaches out to thousands of readers across the globe with his weekly inspirational messages on Mr. Mbada holds a Master’s degree in Business Leadership and a BSc Honours degree in Engineering, among other technical and professional qualifications. He currently resides in Botswana with his family.

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Being successful doesn’t mean you have the most money, the fanciest car, the biggest house, or the most prestigious job. It means that you are doing what you love to do — what God has called you to do. True success encompasses every aspect of your life.

If you have been searching for the faith you need to achieve your goals, Destined to Succeed: Unstoppable and Unlimitable! will set you on the right path. Offering relevant scriptures and real-life examples, Peter Mbada challenges you to believe in yourself, transform your worldview, and rise above your current capabilities to achieve success without limitations.


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