From Dad, with Love: Everyday Wisdom for Young Adults


David R. Woodruff

Born in New England, David R. Woodruff was raised in a small Connecticut town with his parents, four brothers, and two sisters. At age twenty-two, he ventured southwest to discover a whole new part of the country, and ultimately settled in San Diego, California, where he resides today with his daughter, Kendyl.

In addition to author and columnist, David is an award-winning creative copywriter with more than twenty years’ experience in precision content messaging for advertising, branding, and marketing communications. He is also bilingual, earning an ACTFL OPIc-certified advanced level proficiency in Spanish via the University of California, San Diego.

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Inspired by a father’s letter to his unborn child, From Dad, with Love lovingly captures the essence of everyday wisdom for young adults. Addressing matters of the heart, mind, and soul, this book unveils some of life’s most important philosophies in a meaningful, easy-to-read format.

Though written with young adults in mind, From Dad, with Love serves as a refreshing reminder of how important everyday wisdom is for adults of all ages. David Woodruff’s message is sincere and timeless.

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