God Sent Tommy: His Journey to Heaven


Helen Owen was born in Brevard NC. She graduated from Brevard High School in 1954 and later moved with her husband to Hendersonville, NC to follow his career as a police officer. She worked for Olin Corporation, a paper mill, in Brevard and later for the Water Department in Hendersonville. She remained in Hendersonville for several years after Tommy died, before moving to Matthews, NC, to be near her daughter. She and Tommy were married for forty two years. Her dream of telling the story of his life’s journey came true with the writing of this book God Sent Tommy.

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Tommy Owen’s earliest childhood memories involved doctors, hospitals, and casts on both legs. He spent his youth struggling to walk with crutches and most of his adult life in a wheelchair. He worried that he would never be able to support himself, much less get married and support a family. But despite ongoing struggles with his health and handicaps, he became a well-respected minister, police officer, husband, father, and grandfather.

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