Greener Cleaner Indoor Air: A Guide to Healthier Living

Greener Cleaner Indoor Air: A Guide to Healthier Living


Mark R. Sneller, PhD

Dr. Sneller began his air quality company, Aero-Allergen Research, in Tucson, Arizona in 1979. He was twice recipient of Clean Air Government Award from the Arizona Lung Association for contributing to better respiratory health of citizens of the state; former member of the State of Arizona Air Pollution Control Hearing Board appointed by the governor; featured in ABC, CBS, NBC national network news, National Public Radio; the New York Times, Newsweek Magazine, Hippocrates Magazine, and Allergic to the 20th Century  for indoor and outdoor air quality work.

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Indoor air pollution is a hidden cause of many health problems, including asthma and cancer. The air we breathe can harm us, not only because of allergens that enter from outside, but also because of the chemicals we saturate our homes with. Boasting over one hundred articles by award-winning scientist Mark R. Sneller, Greener Cleaner Indoor Air is an invaluable reference guide that promotes longer life. Covering virtually every aspect of the parade of particles we breathe, Dr. Sneller will teach you how to:

  • improve the air quality in your home, school, and workplace
  • keep your pets healthy
  • save money by maintaining better indoor air quality
  • identify and eliminate mold
  • clean your house safely, without toxic chemicals
  • avoid perfumes and air fresheners that cause depression
  • …and much more