Ikky Dikky Dak: Magical Adventures with Googler! Book One


Helen McGee, Illustrated by Karl Kaltenborn

Helen McGee graduated from college as an English major, then worked for over a decade as a volunteer in conflict resolution. In Europe, Asia, and Brazil she lived with families in a variety of cultures, and found that people around the world have much in common. She lives with her husband, Frank, in Oro Valley, Arizona.

About the Illustrator

Karl Kaltenborn’s paintings have been acclaimed in Norway and in the south of France, where he lived for years. He has illustrated books and magazines in Europe and the United States, and has also created political cartoons. He and his wife, Anne Lise, live in Oslo.

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Googler is tiny, but he’s got a BIG secret. It’s a little bit of magic and a whole lot of fun. Join Googler and his new human friends, Hunter and Scott, as they explore a world you never dreamed possible.


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