Lady of the Road


Michael Sloan is a frequent traveler and author of published works of fiction and nonfiction. In preparation for writing this book, he took fencing lessons, examined relevant indentures from the fifteenth to eighteenth centuries, and visited the locales where the story is set. He has worked as a cartographer, history teacher, university professor, and seminar leader.

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A centuries-old secret lays buried and forgotten. An exquisite pendant contains an obscure record of the hidden location. A country road, long abandoned and overgrown, leads to a priceless treasure. And the connection between these elusive clues is grasped by a resolute highwayman who hides behind mask, sword, and pistol. But this feared “Gentleman of the Road” is actually a woman, Zamora Delevan. Considered her family’s poor, unremarkable cousin, she conceals a lethal skill. Her father Richard, one of the King’s most proficient military fencing masters, privately trained Zamora at his London studio until her expertise rivaled his own.

After Richard’s premature death in 1721, Zamora finds herself thrust into the world of rural aristocrats who exploit England for personal gain. In an effort to ensure justice, and to prevent the foreclosure of her family’s estate, Zamora — in the guise of a highwayman — embarks upon a dangerous journey where honor, love, and revenge are fulfilled at the point of a sword.


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