Lady, You Got Balls: The Gift of Being Underestimated


When anyone asks Pat Stroberg about herself, she quickly responds, “I am just a girl from Ohio.” Quickly you learn there is a lot more to this upbeat, confident, and sharp woman. She moved to California as a teen, married at twenty, and became a mother at twenty-two, a company co-owner at thirty-one, and its sole president at forty-five. Lady, You Got Balls is her first book, based on a daily journal she kept since she was sixteen.

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If you’ve ever felt like the cards were stacked against you or have experienced the despair of betrayal in your career or personal life, you will find hope and clarity in Pat’s story.

With wit and courageous candor, Pat gives us a woman’s version of the great American success story. In the 1980s, women weren’t seen as capable of running a corporation, especially not a manufacturing company in a male-dominated industry. Furthermore, she was sabotaged by those in the company who wanted to see her fail for their own financial gain.

Pat was never happier to be underestimated.

Starting out as the underdog, Pat survived a bleak childhood, came of age in a 1950’s post-WWII subdivision, and survived a tumultuous marriage and divorce. Ultimately, she took over the reins of the company she had co-founded with her ex-husband and turned it into a multi-million-dollar success (and went on to marry the love of her life).

Lady, You Got Balls is for anyone wanting to run a successful company and live a life of purpose when the challenges seem too overwhelming to overcome. You will laugh, maybe cry, and gain an understanding of your own journey as Pat shares no-nonsense business and spiritual insights.

While her book is primarily for women entrepreneurs, Pat’s life and business wisdom speak to anyone who has a dream.

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