Little Murders


Dr. Hughlett L. Morris is professor emeritus of speech pathology at the University of Iowa. In addition to this book of short stories, he has also written six books of fiction and one autobiography. He is a native of Stewart County, Tennessee, and currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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Today’s culture seems obsessed with murder. Who dunnit? How did it happen? While most murder mysteries focus on bloody tales of greed, revenge, and violence, there are also the murders committed for less sensational reasons — a wife who prefers murder to divorce, a runaway slave who is hunted and backed into a corner, a woman who poisons her loving husband to start a new life. These are the Little Murders.

Hughlett L. Morris takes us on a journey through tales often puzzling, and characters seemingly ordinary, to show how circumstances and inner desires can lead to mysterious decisions of darkness and death.


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