Lost Cause: Managing Poor Performers


Xavier Zinn has worked as an information technology professional for the past twenty years, and the last ten years in IT management in numerous industries such as insurance, oil and gas, banking, and consumer packaged goods. During that time he has gained valuable experience and formulated opinions that stray from the accepted norms in the business world, and he has started to put them to paper. This is his first book.

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There’s an unwritten rule in management that everyone is capable of meeting your expectations. If an employee on your team does substandard work, it’s your job to find the problem and fix it.

Unfortunately, not all performance issues are fixable because not everyone is capable of performing to their manager’s expectations. In some cases it may make sense to provide extra training sessions, or make changes to the work environment, but for chronically poor performers, no amount of help is going to change the outcome. And yet, many companies keep making excuses for them because they are reluctant to fire people outright.

So what can you do?

Lost Cause: Managing Poor Performers cuts through the conventional wisdom to offer real answers:

  • Which employees can you help—and which ones will never improve?
  • How do you know if your expectations are reasonable?
  • How much should you invest in an underperforming employee before giving up?
  • Can you really motivate someone to do their job?

You already have the tools you need to deal with employees who don’t pull their weight. Lost Cause shows you what they are…and how to wield them with confidence.

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