Meet My Girls: 80th Anniversary of the Seeing Eye, Inc., 1929-2009


Grace D. Napier, EdD

Blind since birth, Dr. Grace D. Napier has taught children from preschool age through twelfth grade, as well as students on the graduate level at three universities. Holding four university degrees, she has worked in the field of teacher preparation for special education. To enable future teachers to meet additional needs of visually impaired and blind children and clients, she has combined two programs into one, namely, academic content and orientation/mobility. Hers was the first university program in the nation to do so at the University of Northern Colorado, Greeley. Now retired, she has published three other books.

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Do you love dogs, and have you always been curious about guide dogs? Meet My Girls addresses many false notions commonly held about these noble creatures. It answers common questions such as: What basic equipment is used? How do persons who are blind use traffic lights? How does the dog know where its master wants to go? How long is the training? Which breeds of dog are used? How did the Seeing Eye begin?

Grace D. Napier, Ed.D., writes about her sixty-nine years of experience with her Seeing Eye dog guides from the school the Seeing Eye, Inc., in New Jersey. She introduces basic information about guide dogs and the Seeing Eye, Inc., as well as details of her life with ten different dogs. Included within is an eighty-year timeline of the school’s history and an epilogue about other kinds of trained dogs.