Missouri Chooses


Dr. Hughlett L. Morris is professor emeritus of speech pathology at the University of Iowa. In addition to this autobiography, he has written six books of fiction. He is a native of Stewart County, Tennessee, and currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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Three times in her life, Missouri is forced to choose between love and security. As a young woman she marries John Mathis for love even though she knows he will be a poor provider.

Later, as a young widow, she marries Luther Morris, her elder by 30 years, for the security he offers as a well-to-do farmer. Then her security is threatened by her mutual attraction to her husband’s son, Lewis, a married man.

Still later, when they each are widowed and in early middle age, Lewis comes to her with a proposal of marriage and the promise of a new but uncertain life. Again she must choose between love for him and the security of a life with her daughters.


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