Nothin’ to Be Ashamed of… We’ll Get By


Kevin Watts spent his early years in Crooksville, Ohio, until his family moved to Lancaster, Ohio, when he was five. There, he grew up in the shadow of Appalachia. His ancestors farmed the land and mined for coal in Meigs and Perry counties, and the women were the backbone of family life. Watts is a retired firefighter. He and his wife, Andrea, split their time between Ohio and Arizona while traveling America in their RV.

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Nothin’ to Be Ashamed of…We’ll Get By chronicles the struggles of the Buck family in impoverished Crooksville, Ohio, during the turbulent 1940s. This heart-wrenching work, inspired by real people, explores the role poverty plays in small, bucolic towns across the United States and how hardship bonds families and communities together in ways that have come to define the American experience. For millions of people who live in rural poverty like the Buck family, the American dream is nothing more than a daily battle to survive. This is their story — one which will engage and resonate with readers from all backgrounds.


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