One Empty Chair: And Six Other Novellas


Author C. D. McNary has written a literary achievement filled with compelling characters and humanity. He lived in the Midwest for many years and worked as a dairy farmer, accountant, pastor of a mainline protestant church, and educator. In retirement, he and his wife serve as volunteer missionaries and live in Tucson, Arizona. Their four children and grandchildren are scattered across the US and other countries.

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In One Empty Chair: And Six Other Novellas, author C. D. McNary stirs readers in seven stories of American life with all its warts and wrinkles.

Two high school sweethearts come to a tragic end. Strong friendships, deep emotion, and the misplaced love of a father — which will expose the lies that hide the truth? — One Empty Chair

Friends in the same predicament — they are the only family willing to care for their elderly parents. Their lives have been set aside for this time, but now that they are in their sixties, will they ever be able to find their own?  — Trapped Daughters

A young man struggling with poverty is forced to leave his family’s tobacco farm for a life in the city. Will he be able to adjust to his new environment? — Danny from Tennessee

The best of friends, torn apart by the same things in life, but…  — Even Friends Can Betray

A successful small-town insurance agent is not satisfied with his wife or his status. What will happen when he decides to betray all that is of real value in his life?  — Jack Stole Jr. . . . And He Did

A small-town gossip thrives on the dramas that circulate through the rumor mill. When the dust settles after the destruction she causes, who will remain standing?  — Two Fathers and Tommy

A rural community and its people live through two wars and changing culture. Will the very heart of their community be able to adjust and survive the transitions of life?  — Earnest, Two World Wars and a Surprise


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