Paws and Reflect: A Journal of Inspiration and Reflection

Paws and Reflect: A Journal of Inspiration and Reflection


Linda Massucci

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Shortly after my dog, Maggie, passed way, I decided to stop writing her monthly blog, Thoughts from Maggie. So many family members and friends sent emails asking me not to stop her blog. The responses ranged from “I look forward to her blogs the first of every month,” to “She has so much to say.” They convinced me to continue writing Maggie’s blog. While writing, I was reminded of everything she taught me — while never saying a word. Writing the blog posts became a time of reflection for me and provided an inner calmness. Soon, people shared how Maggie’s thoughts also gave them a feeling of calmness or reflection. After receiving this feedback from Maggie’s readers, I decided to gather a collection of her blog posts and create a reflection journal. I hope you find Maggie’s thoughts as interesting and reflecting as her blog followers do.

And yeah — she’s darn cute too!

This book is dedicated to Maggie — my buddy. See you some day at the Rainbow Bridge.