Reasoning to Live

Reasoning to Live


G. Jerr Imhauser graduated from St. Johns Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin and joined the US Army rather than waiting to be drafted. He was assigned to specialty training at Fort Monmouth New Jersey Academy and later earned an Associate’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. However, he found writing to be far more interesting.

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Based on a true story, Reasoning to Live takes a near lifetime to complete the combination of disasters, exhilarating love, and uncompromising friendship that encompassed Tuneson Ruh’s life. His mind’s earthly reasoning supports a quick and simple relief from the suffering he now feels, and amplifies the demand . . .

“Grab the pistol! End it all now!”

While his inner spirit amplifies past blessings and what might be those to come. If his courage returns to support him now . . .

“I will not die today!”

It becomes his time to balance the evil of this earth with the mystery of the beyond, and decide which one he will choose today.