Restless: Adventures of a Compulsive Traveler


Author and struggling Christian, Frank Orr has written over a dozen novels and nonfiction books, including the Jeffersonville Tales series, plus articles appearing in national and local periodicals. He avidly reads histories, biographies, and mysteries, and enjoys writing short stories, whimsical verse, and shaggy dog stories, in addition to his novels. An Auburn University graduate and an Air Force veteran, he and his wife Betty live in Nashville, Tennessee, with most of their extended family living nearby.

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Who can resist tales of adventure?

Restless: Adventures of a Compulsive Traveler is filled with exotic places, personal photographs, amazing tales, and hand-drawn sketches. This is not the kind of book written by a so-called travel writer who fills books with boring travelogues and articles about food. Instead, Restless is written by a layman with a restless heart who has spent a lifetime seeking adventure at every turn. Now you can experiences his adventures as well. Read and enjoy!


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