Rich and Famous

Rich and Famous


Roberta Grimes is a business attorney and afterlife expert. She began her career as a novelist with Almost Perfect (Berkley 1992) and My Thomas (Doubleday 1993 BOMC QPB) before work and family intervened. Now her family is grown and her career is winding down, so she has reclaimed and reissued both novels. My Thomas is a well-researched recreation of Martha Jefferson’s journal. It is now back in print without changes beyond the removal of some quaint Elizabethan words that Doubleday had wanted used. On the other hand, even the title of Almost Perfect had been Berkley’s choice, so Roberta has had the joy of rewriting a novel that she hadn’t seen in twenty years. Rich and Famous is a tale from a recent, simpler and more hopeful time when any American who was willing to work hard and take risks might enjoy unlimited success.

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Grit helped her overcome her past.

Strength and savvy have brought her amazing success.

Now it’s time for Kim to try for happiness.

She was born into fatherless poverty, raped and abandoned, and forced to make it on her own. At the start of the 1980s she began a business that in a few years’ time has become an astounding nationwide success.

At twenty-nine, Kimberly Bonner is rich, and she is first-name famous for her colorful lifestyle and for her gorgeous Indy-car-driver boyfriend. She and Vic have been named by People magazine the Couple of the Eighties, even while Kim stays aloof from the world so she never can be hurt again.

Kim’s self-imposed isolation comes to an end when business crises erupt around her. It is only as she struggles to deal with them that she realizes she doesn’t know herself at all. She doesn’t understand why she craves pain and bondage, nor why all her wealth and fame feel hollow. Even as she tries to understand who she is, Kim is frantic to save the company into which she has poured so much of her life. She is forced to turn to the half-brother she barely knows, the loyal mentor she has kept at a distance, and—most disturbingly—the man who sexually assaulted her when she was thirteen. At last Kim is daring to rely on others. She is growing. And she is falling in love.