The Rise and Demise of the Individual


Author Daniel Caleb Wagnière is a dual citizen of Switzerland and the United States. He wrote this book out of his concern about the decline of liberty in both the Swiss and US republics. After thirty-five years working in corporate culture, he pursued and earned a master of arts in philosophy from King’s College, London. He and his wife, Annette, have four children and ten grandchildren.


Over the past two-and-a-half centuries, the rise of individual liberty has allowed the growing prosperity that the West has known. However, this ideal is now being challenged by the governmental bodies who were founded on this very principle.

In The Rise and Demise of the Individual, author Daniel Caleb Wagnière examines the dangers imposed when governments push towards collectivism and ignore individual freedom.

In The Rise and Demise of the Individual, Wagnière presents a short historical account of the origins and evolution of the individual that builds toward the modern-day ideas of political theory and public policy. By identifying the key characteristics governments should either adopt or eschew to enable their citizens to flourish, Wagnière provides insight into what governments can do to prevent encroaching upon their citizens’ private spheres. It is only when citizens fully understand these distinctions and hold governments accountable that the spirit of the individual can truly thrive.


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