Sir Robert Bell and His Early Virginia Colony Descendants: A Compilation of 16th, 17th, and 18th Century English and Scottish Families with the Surname Bell, Beale, le Bel, …et al.


Jim and Fran Bell retired to the deserts of southern Arizona in 1993, where they have written many articles for various publications.

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1066 to 1799

From Warriors to Aristocrats to Transported Undesirables!

They were: Normans, Nobles, Bishops, Clan Chiefs, Clergy, Worshipful Merchants, Great Merchants, Ship Captains, Border Reivers, Citizens, Yeomen, Inventors, Plantation Headrights, Simple Farmers, Indentured Servants, and Transported Undesirables.

They were active as: Virginia Company of London Charter Signers, Ship Owners and Privateers, Explorers, Colony Settlers and Plantation Owners, Members of Parliament, Members of Congress, Governors, Military Officers and Soldiers, American Patriots, Slave Owners, and a Presidential Candidate. Many Bell families possessed: Coats of Arms, Crests and Mottos.

They are: Ancestors of the Present Day Crown and Present Day Descendants of Scottish Chiefs.

What does a researcher do with a repository of computer notes and facts of almost one hundred thousand pages covering over ten thousand kindred Bells of several spellings? Write a book!

An educational narrative of Bell origins, this book tells a story of their migration patterns and their involvement in many historical events. This is coupled with “fair use” articles of other acknowledged authors. For the purist, English, Scottish, and American NGS Genealogy and Outline Descendant Reports from about 1520 through 1799 include the families of Sir Robert Bell, Speaker of the House of Commons and Scottish Chief William (Red Cloak) Bell, who lived concurrently during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The authors have addressed the family of Bell, from the days of the Norman Conquerors of the British Isles through their involvement in the Jamestown, Virginia settlement. This leads to other American colonies ending circa 1799. More significantly, Sir Robert Bell has been established as the ancestor to many of the Virginia Bells.

This book is a compilation of the authors’ discoveries, information gathered from historical and genealogy sources, and includes some identified, but as yet unproven, questionable, and conflicting data. While the authors speak out forcefully about their findings and conclusions, readers are encouraged to decide factual accuracies based on over a thousand primary/secondary sources and End Notes that will prove valuable to other researchers. Facts are listed by decimal numbers in a timeline sequence so that the reader can relate Bells living simultaneously in distant locations.


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