So You Want to Be a Wine Merchant?

So You Want to Be a Wine Merchant?


Joel Berman’s fervor for wine began in 1962 while working at his family’s wine shop in Lexington, Massachusetts. After years of extensive study and tastings with colleagues from around the world, his quest for knowledge led him to some of the finest wineries across Europe and the United States. He learned to speak French and Italian fluently, and proceeded to build an import company from scratch to compliment his retail business.

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So You Want to be a Wine Merchant celebrates the world of wine in profound and insightful ways. Author Joel Berman’s inspiring life as a successful wine merchant, traveler, and cultural explorer colors an impressive career filled with stories of wines and the people who make them, from the lush vineyards of Italy to the musty cellars of France.

For anyone who has a passion for wine, where it is made, and how it has changed American culture over the years, this book will be sure to catch, and hold, your attention. It may change your perception of wine and add more pleasure to your wine drinking experience.

With So You Want to be a Wine Merchant, the author’s exceptional life, uncommon expertise, and gift for storytelling gives a fresh perspective to the anthology of wine books.