The Aztec Connection: A Barkow Novel


Archie J. Hoagland is a novelist, sculptor, and award-winning poet who lives in Green Valley, Arizona.

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George Bennet Barkow. One time a gangster, killer, soldier, and drunkard. Presently wealthy, prosperous, possessive, and dedicated. He is a product of past experiences. A loyal friend, ruthless enemy, and shrewd businessman. Barkow has infinite knowledge regarding offensive and defensive strategies. He knows twenty-one ways to kill a man with his bare hands and cannot forgive a vindictive act against him or his.

Laura Lee Logan. A beautiful woman, nightclub pianist and singer, captured and held prisoner with a promise to be returned unharmed, if Barkow does not go to Belize.

Barkow, hired to find a missing airplane last traced to Belize, encounters a vast uncharted jungle infested with ancient Mayan ruins, innumerable swamps, waterways, dangerous wilderness animals, and a unique tribe of Mayan Indians who live as their ancient ancestors, including offering human blood sacrifices.

The Aztec Connection is an adult crime fiction story of deception, inhumanity . . . and love.


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