The Cass Street Kid: A Journal, Remembered


Dr. Hughlett L. Morris is professor emeritus of speech pathology at the University of Iowa. In addition to this autobiography, he has written six books of fiction. He is a native of Stewart County, Tennessee, and currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.

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Hugh Morris didn’t seem like the kind of person who was destined for success. His father had skipped out before he was born. His family moved around a lot in an attempt to escape near poverty. He stuttered, and what little speech therapy that was available in the 1930s did nothing to improve his speech.

But Hugh was an ambitious fellow, and as his confidence grew, he developed a talent for taking advantage of any opportunity that came his way. On an otherwise ordinary school day, a teacher presented him with the chance of a lifetime—and strangely his stuttering became something of an asset.

The Cass Street Kid is a story of resilience, and of the unexpected building blocks that make up a happy, successful life.


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