The Gateway


Elizabeth Carroll lives in Henderson, North Carolina where she currently teaches middle school language arts. She has been writing books for many years and is the author of The Secret Keeper and The Convergence. She is also one of several local writers being featured in an anthology of short stories to be published later this year. She shares her home with her wonderful husband, her gorgeous son, and five fantastic cats.

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Life has been anything but dull for Wil Johnson. As a Secret Keeper, he is charged with protecting the truth of the existence of magic. It is a task he has always embraced until now.

Cassia, his Guardian, has abandoned him to search for another Secret Keeper, Andrew, on the mystical Gateway. Furthermore, the demon, Giselle, continues to stalk him in an effort to take him hostage and use his knowledge to shift the Balance toward evil. To make matters worse, jealousy over Cassia has placed Wil at odds with his best friend, Scott, who has developed the ability to see her as she truly exists.

Will Wil be able to see past the magical manipulation before the Trisect destroys the Balance, or will he give in to Giselle’s temptations once and for all?


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