The Mystery of Sorrows: A Barkow Novel


Archie J. Hoagland is a writer and an award-winning poet who lives in Green Valley, Arizona.

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George Bennet Barkow is a man with a dark past. Quiet, calculating, and dangerous when provoked, he asks only one thing of the world: leave me alone.

Carrie Axelwood earns more than the gross national product of many small countries, and she’s used to getting what she wants. When Barkow fails to return her affections, she considers it an inconvenience—one she’s sure she can overcome.

As Barkow investigates a cryptic message, he is drawn into Carrie’s deadly web. Her machinations take him from the slums of Chicago to the dense jungles of St. Lucia, where further surprises await.

The Mystery of Sorrows is an adult story of mayhem, deceit, violence . . . and love.


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