The Purity League


D. L. Thomas retired from a successful career in architecture and construction. Writing is an outlet for his creative instincts. He resides in Ohio.

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Homicide detective Ryan Carson is driving back to his station house when a pedestrian runs into his car. The man pleads, “Help me! They’ll kill me just like they killed Janelle.” Suddenly, two men in scrubs approach, say the man is an escapee from Riverview Sanatorium, and whisk him away.

Although it’s not an official case, Carson smells something fishy and visits the sanatorium. The CEO tells him he has no idea who Janelle is and quickly leaves for a meeting at the “League.” With his detective’s suspicious nature, Carson is sure there is something more to the incident. He follows the CEO to his meeting, which is held at the residence of Bernard Armour, owner of the Puritan Corporation.

Carson gets a call to respond to a double homicide on the highway and then another couple is killed in a phony robbery at a restaurant. Both the couples are of mixed race and engaged to be married. Have they been targeted? The only connection Carson can find is that they all met at a place called the Heritage Social Club. Determined to find out more about this club, he enlists his coworker and love interest Detective Sue Ellen Frazier. Together they discover that the Heritage Social Club is owned by Bernard Armour. But what is the connection between the Riverview Sanatorium and the murders? What is the League and what is its purpose? Can Carson figure out how the Heritage Social Club is involved in time to stop more murders?

A page-turner thriller, The Purity League is chock-full of suspense that will keep you glued to the pages.


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