The Solitary Diner: And Other Stories


Charles D. McNary has also authored Triune and One Empty Chair. He lived in the Midwest for many years, working as a dairy farmer, accountant, pastor, and educator. In retirement, he served as a volunteer missionary with his wife.

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The Solitary Diner: And Other Stories is a compilation that shows through characters living in rural communities the complexities of life through relationships.

“The Box on the Shelf” is the story of a lasting friendship that threatens to become tainted after one man dies and his friend finds his unpublished autobiography. Will the secrets of his friend’s past destroy memories of the man he thought he always knew?

“Becky Comes Home” is the story of a child born out of wedlock who discovers the secret of his real father and how the community he grew up with kept it from him. Will he be able to process this information with thanksgiving or bitterness?

“The Solitary Diner” shows how greed can destroy a community and how the lines of right and wrong can become blurred in the battle to win. Will there be a redemptive story for those involved?

“No Accident at Birth” depicts the love of two gay men who risk everything to stay true to their feelings. What will be the consequences when people don’t understand?


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