Too Young to Die


Richard Buyer is a retired physician who practiced internal medicine in Indiana and Tucson, Arizona for forty-two years. His primary hobbies are sports (especially baseball, basketball, and football).  His most important possessions are his three children—Kennedy, Paul, and Jason.

In 1960 Buyer acquired an interest in the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy. He was fortunate enough to hear him give a campaign speech while attending the University of Illinois. His passion grew after Kennedy’s assassination and, after two years of research, he wrote a book titled Why the JFK Assassination Still Matters. He has given many lectures on the subject.

His book, Too Young to Die, expresses his innermost feelings and emotions.  It was not an easy book to write, and it is not an easy book to read.

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At the age of forty-seven, Kristin A. Buyer died of a rare disease with no existing treatment. Before her passing, she lived a whirlwind life, searching for happiness and hope in an immunocompromised body. In Too Young to Die, Kristin’s husband and author, Richard Buyer, explores the conventional and unconventional medicine their family pursued in hopes of extending Kristin’s life, and how the tragedy affected him and their daughter, Kennedy.


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