Triune: The Door, Peter’s Story, and David Lees


Author C. D. McNary has written a literary achievement filled with compelling characters and humanity. He lived in the Midwest for many years and worked as a dairy farmer, accountant, pastor of a mainline protestant church, and an educator. In retirement, he and his wife serve as volunteer missionaries and live in Tucson, Arizona. Their four children and grandchildren are scattered across the US and other countries.

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Author C. D. McNary’s life growing up in the American Midwest shines through in Triune: The Door, Peter’s Story, and David Lees.

In The Door, Rachel brings her city boyfriends back to the farm on weekends. Things become complicated when one of them, Ron, develops a romantic interest in her married mother. Life takes a tragic turn when Ron goes swimming with Rachel’s mother, makes a daring dive into what turns out to be shallow water, and becomes paralyzed. Can the family stay together after Rachel’s mother commits to caring for Ron while remaining married to her husband?

In Peter’s Story, the title character disappoints his family when he chooses college over farming. After his favorite brother dies, he uses alcohol to numb his pain, loses the love of his life, and becomes estranged from family members. On his downward spiral, Peter encounters an older couple who lost their only son to a drunk driving tragedy. Can Peter create a fulfilling life through the fog of his guilt and shame?

In David Lees, the title character takes early retirement to care for his dying wife. After beginning a part-time job in a feed store he meets Noel, also a widow.  As rumors fly about a romance developing between them, their respective children race to their parents to set Mom and Dad straight.


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