When Jesus Is the Guru: A Wayward Christian’s Spiritual Walk


Carla R. Mancari, MEd

Teacher and spiritual guide Carla Mancari had her first transcendent experience in 1973 while visiting a shrine in Lourdes. She immediately resigned from her position as a counseling psychologist and began her spiritual quest. Carla traveled all over the world, studying with Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu masters. Carla’s spiritual truth-seeking ultimately brought her into an ongoing, intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She has taught Christ-Centered Spiritual Principles and silent prayer for over thirty-five years. Carla is the author of Walking on the Grass: A White Woman in a Black World. She co-authored The Lessons: How to Understand Spiritual Principles, Spiritual Activities, and Rising Emotions; Concordance; and Best-Kept Secret.

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A spiritual walk, while wondrous, tantalizing, and mystical, can also be grueling and traumatic. It tests us beyond our limits, and we do not organize its itinerary. For Carla Mancari, walking through walls and traveling miles in states of heightened awareness were easy feats. But when her quest required her to plumb the depths of total despair, only the grace of God allowed her to go on. In When Jesus Is the Guru, Carla shares the pitfalls she encountered along her journey, as well as the mystical experiences, realizations, and triumphs. Travel with her as she learns to relate to Jesus’s personal humanity. As you do, you may find yourself reconnecting with your own Christian roots, where Holy Scripture becomes the living word it is purported to be.


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