When Time Finally Runs Out: Second Edition

When Time Finally Runs Out: Second Edition


Peter Bellone retired from the Air Force in 1983 after twenty-one years of active duty service. From there he worked for McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company as a logistics engineer in St. Louis, Missouri. He published the first edition of When Time Finally Runs Out in 2008.

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What is time? We use time to tell us when to grow our crops, play in the sand, and run our sophisticated electronics; and just as important, we use time to determine when a prison sentence comes to an end. We measure time with the aid of such devices as a calendar and a clock. However, before the first sundial was invented, man counted the days through the normal rotation of the sun. A day started when the sun went down below the horizon and ended twenty-four hours later as the sun went down below the horizon once again.

Man is somewhat aware that these days of bondage to Satan are almost at an end; however, through the rise and fall of civilizations, man has lost track of how much time is left on this sentence. Satan has clouded our minds with other issues and does not want us to know that the time remaining is short—very short indeed—and is almost about to end, freeing you and me from the tyranny of this deceiver, thief, and murderer.

Interesting idea, that Satan knows that his time is short however; we have no clue as to when our bondage to him ends. Do you? No! Why don’t you?

When Time Finally Runs Out looks at what happened in the garden and what affect that has had on humankind from that moment until the present. We also take a peek at the very last seven years of the six thousand year sentence. This is when “wars and rumors of wars” end and the “time of the end” begins. We look into the Man of Lawlessness and the Son of Perdition. Are these two separate people or are they one and the same man? And because it is very important to the outcome of this book, we also discover the true day on which Jesus the Christ died as it was not a Friday, as well as the true time spent in the grave.

When Time Finally Runs Out will surprise you with its content. God has a plan that will come to fruition very soon, sooner than you may expect! You will be shocked when you find out just how soon the six thousand years will come to an end.

I can tell you that it is a lot sooner than you might have expected as there isn’t that much sand left in the hourglass!