Why the JFK Assassination Still Matters: The Truth for My Daughter Kennedy and for Generations to Come


Dr. Richard Buyer has been practicing medicine for over thirty-five years. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy was probably the greatest tragedy he has personally experienced. He wrote this book to help his children learn the truth behind this horrific event. His daughter, Kennedy, happened to be born on the anniversary of the assassination. It is Dr. Buyer’s goal that all children, as well as adults, will finally learn the truth about the assassination.

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“We live in a great country. Yet we must have faith and trust in our government or we cannot succeed. On the other hand, the government must also believe in its own people. Both factions must tell the truth. For this reason, the JFK assassination still matters. History cannot be replayed but it can be rewritten.”

Why read another book about the JFK assassination? It’s simple: the major crime of the twentieth century remains unsolved. Although the assassination of President John F. Kennedy happened in 1963, the reverberations of this horrific event are still felt today. Discrepancies and questions about the assassination remain unanswered. Was there a conspiracy behind the assassination? If so, who was involved? Why the JFK Assassination Still Matters discusses new ideas showing:

  • Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a shot at the president
  • The Warren Commission was a hoax and the single bullet theory was physiologically impossible
  • Strange bedfellows emerged when the CIA formed a coalition with organized crime in an attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro
  • President Kennedy became a threat to very powerful forces when he tried to establish a peaceful coexistence with Russia and Cuba


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