Yet Another Fallen Star


JoAnn Hill has completed her first book, an enjoyable labor of love, taking her close to five years. Writing her first book has been a learning project. JoAnn holds a BA, BFA, and MA in college curriculum, art, with a concentration in painting and sculpture. She has set her painting aside to learn and attempt the art of writing.

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In 1874 tiny Emily makes her appearance in the world. She is the foundation of the Roberts family and often times the bread winner. Her life is lengthy and she uses it wisely, not necessarily the path her family will follow. Emily is an exceptional listener and a friend to everyone.

Yet Another Fallen Star spans 135 years, telling the story of Emily, her children, her grandchildren, and their extended family. Against a backdrop of rapid social change, we see their strengths and weaknesses, challenges and choices, with serious and humorous consequences.

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