YoUr “Other Heart”: The Best-Kept Secret


Reverend Sandra Casey-Martus, MEd, MTS, and Carla Mancari, MEd

Reverend Sandra Casey-Martus is the associate rector of All Saints by the Sea Episcopal Church, Santa Barbara, California, and a former adjunct faculty member of the Seminary of the Southwest. Sandy spent ten years on Contemplative Outreach Limited’s Formation and Retreat Service teams. Her article “Centering Prayer and Priestly Formation” appears in Centering Prayer in Daily Life and Ministry. Sandy is the coauthor of The Lessons: How to Understand Spiritual Principles, Spiritual Activities, and Rising Emotions and Concordance. Sandy is the cofounder of the Contemplative Invitation Teaching. She writes, travels, teaches the Christ Centered Prayer, and leads Christian contemplative prayer retreats.

Teacher and spiritual guide Carla Mancari had her first transcendent experience in 1973 while visiting a shrine in Lourdes, France. She immediately resigned from her job as a counseling psychologist and began a spiritual quest. Carla traveled all over the world studying with Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu masters, which ultimately brought her into an ongoing intimate, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. She has taught Christ-centered spiritual principles and silent prayer for over thirty-five years.

Carla is the author of Walking on the Grass: A White Woman in a Black World, When Jesus Is the Guru: A Wayward Christian’s Spiritual Walk, Eco-You—A Power of One: Improve Your Health, Improve Your Life, and A Diet for the Soul: The Minute Method. She coauthored The Lessons and Concordance.

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The Best-Kept Secret is where the law of attraction and spiritual principles originate. It’s where the action is. No sacred secret affects you and your relationships with others more than this one. Nothing will ever make a greater impact on your practical and spiritual life.

Learning about the Best-Kept Secret does not mean abandoning or discarding your religious traditions. In fact, it has brought many individuals into a reality relationship with Jesus Christ. When you venture beyond the mystical teachings and insights you have always known, you will discover that they are steppingstones, never hindrances.


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