Before you consider releasing your manuscript to any publisher for publication, you need to have a professional editor inspect your manuscript. You’ve spent a long time writing your book. Now you want to know if it’s any good.

If your manuscript needs work, you want to know this now—before you invest in potentially costly book production. Professional editing will make your book as polished and marketable to your target audience as possible.

Wheatmark provides you with a professional evaluation of your unpublished manuscript via our Reader Report service. With the Reader Report, a senior-level editor reviews your manuscript to give a general assessment of the key areas of your book and to determine the extent of editing needed to conform to today’s standard publishing guidelines.

This document provides feedback and recommendations in a variety of main areas common to all books, including:

  • Synopsis

    What is the book about?

  • Writing

    How is the writing? Does it feel professional or amateurish? Are there clunky sentences that need editing? Are there repetitions that need eliminating or wordy sections that need trimming? Are there inconsistencies in the text? Are there grammatical errors and typos? Is punctuation used correctly? Is the word usage (clichés, metaphors, etc.) problematic?

  • Voice/Tone

    Is the narrator’s voice authentic, compelling, engaging, irritating, etc.? What is the tone of the book (formality, use of first or second person, humor, etc.)? Does the tone fit the piece?

  • Market Viability

    What is the book’s intended readership? What are the chances for successful sales of this book? Is this a popular niche that is not oversaturated? Is there “room” in the market for this book? Is the book’s subject a popular topic that could find ready readers? What other books in the market are similar to this one and are they successful? How would this book stand out in the market? Does the overall idea seem different and unique?

  • Author’s Platform

    What is the author’s platform? If nonfiction, is this an author with a great deal of visibility in the market (TV, radio, speaking engagements, membership in organizations, etc.)? Has the author been previously published? If so, with whom?

The report includes a 10-point scale scoring your manuscript in these areas, and concludes with a recommendation for next steps. It takes about two weeks for an editor to complete the report.

Reader Report


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