A Crystal Ball Visioning: Unfolding the 21st Century


Imad F. Abdullah is a member of the American Institute of Architects and has been in private practice since 1976 in Houston, Texas. He has had a parallel career as a Real Estate Broker since 1978 and understands the parameters and conflicts inherent in the development process. Mr. Abdullah transacted stock options and financial futures extensively and has a solid grasp of the factors that affect the economy and how capital moves and impacts wealth and asset values. A world traveler, he has published numerous articles on real estate and urban and political issues, offering strategic and professional analyses.  Email: Imad@LandmarkArchitectsInc.com.

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A Crystal Ball Visioning: Unfolding the Twenty-First Century interprets events of the past twelve years with style and ingenuity, describing contextual details and posing questions that reveal their significance. The book offers a captivating grasp of the big picture, with reflections and projections on the past, present, and future.

A Crystal Ball Visioning combines heightened insight with uncommon foresight. Analytic, wise, and at turns whimsical and satirical, this book is written for those who fully live the experience of life and look to capture the moments of significance and enjoy the intelligent interpretations and contributions of capable minds. With a keen interest in how people advance in different cultures and political systems, the author reflects on how colliding economic and political interests shape the world with actions both visible and invisible. As a strategic thinker, Abdullah brings a truly diverse perspective and defines with much vision the context and the unforeseen when not much is visible or seen.


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